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Diagnosis – The Important Role of Holistic Dentists – Post 10

After years of NHS mis-diagnosis and left undiagnosed and having undertaken numerous private health care scans, tests and much research, I was diagnosed with severe chronic dental ingestion that included the highest levels of elemental mercury (becomes inorganic mercury), nickel and palladium sped up by more than 10 times by the actions of a second disease Oral-Electro galvanism

One of the first actions was to chelate – the method of removing certain heavy metal from the bloodstream, used especially in treating mercury poisoning, coupled with preventing any further poisoning which included removing mixed metals from the oral cavity, notably the leeching amalgam fillings.

It was essential to have these removed by a professional dentist, who minimises the risk of further dental ingestion during removal, by following holistic protocols.

NHS dental practitioners currently do not follow holistic protocols when removing amalgams.

Holistic dentists for example –

  • – Prevent mercury inhalation by providing their patients with an oxygen mask.
  • – Place a rubber dam barrier around the tooth to prevent mercury being swallowed.
  • – Remove the filling carefully to minimise mercury ‘dust.’
  • – Use powerful (‘high volume’) suction at all times.
  • – Use a ‘scavenger’ to keep the air in the surgery clean throughout amalgam removal protocol.

As a UK patient seeking holistic help, it was important to look for a dental practitioner who was not just a highly skilled practising dentist, but also members of the holistic accredited associations, who had a track record of elemental mercury removal, and in the UK preferably be CQC accredited. You can read more about CQC accreditation in post 7

Holistic dentists are usually members of the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

The Society website is available for those seeking assistance with biocompatible dental materials and treatment. A membership list is available for UK dental practitioners online.

British Holistic Dentists also join the global The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, known as the IAOMT. This a global organisation for dental and health professionals looking for further safe biological dentistry and healthcare.

They provide ‘Smart’ certification, their protocols for safer removals of mercury from the oral cavity.


There are not many holistic dentists based in the UK, not as many as the public should have access to and these services are private, not usually available on the NHS.

Two interesting and lengthy consultations were undertaken, by practices based in the South East of England. Both were highly rated by patients and followed the necessary protocols, modern practices with state-of-the-art dental equipment.

One consultation provided an interesting Electro-galvanic Evaluation indicating the electro-conductivity of each of the amalgams which provides an indication of the amount of mercury vapour released from the fillings and to the possible systemic effects of  “having a ‘battery’ in the mouth.”

The more experienced dentist, Dr Jeff Amos, had examples of varying patient dental treatments undertaken visually on the practice website and had more than 23 years of removing amalgams based in Brighton, UK.

Safe Removal of Amalgams

Before Dr Amos could remove the amalgams, a troublesome two silver prong root canal treatment needed urgent removal from the oral cavity. This was a ‘fiddly’ procedure taking initially a couple of long appointments.

Amalgams located in three quadrants of the face were then removed, along with some of the other mixed dentistry metals, being replaced with bio-compatible materials, over a series of appointments.

The holistic dentist approaches the removal in a different way to NHS dentists who grind the mercury out of the cavity which causes much dust and debris where the patient swallows more mercury than is necessary leading to even more bad health. Holistic dentists proportion the removal by cutting large portions of the mercury out whilst the patient has the rubber dam in place and suction in the mouth operates with the high suction evacuation tool.

Importantly, time is also given between appointments for the oral cavity to recover, which is not always the case when NHS dentists remove amalgams.

A small amount of tooth had to be extracted, a few months later, to accommodate a new crown that initially failed to stay in place, and a bridge was prepared and fitted. At this point, Dr Amos managed to fully remove the two silver metal prongs that over the years had deeply embedded in the jaw, with success. 

A much-reduced quantity of mixed metal still remains in the mouth today and the four amalgams removed.

Voltage Readings and Results 

Over a period of time, the removal of amalgams noticeably help reduce the very high levels of Oral-Electro galvanism being experienced in the oral cavity, where no longer could gold, nickel, palladium and other dangerous metals exposed by way of vapour in the mouth, in such high densities, mixing with the life-threatening mercury amalgam fillings, now absent.

It wasn’t quite ‘turning off the lightbulb’ in the mouth overnight“.

Voltage readings had been taken and monitored in the oral cavity for several years. Constant readings of 1v. daily were recorded and more, by the time of removal of the amalgams from the oral cavity, having a huge negative effect on the body. The 1v. recording being 10 times more than a human body can tolerate to operate in every day life.

Readings were recorded frequently before, during and continued to be monitored after the removal of the amalgams.

Dentistry continued a few months for other works after the initial removal of amalgams. Galvanism was reduced during this period, where currents registered between 0.2v. each month reducing to 0.1v, still not perceived as a safe level to a human, but started making life more comfortable.

After a few more months, after dental works had finally been completed, the readings recorded .075v as an average daily reading. This was now one and half years after removal of amalgams with a full chelation programme being administered alongside.

Today, happy to say, the mouth is a constant and very respectable, 0.045v. reading. There still remain several mixed metals in the mouth, waiting for further removal and this may even bring the readings further down.

It is advised by various medical concerns that anyone with readings above 0.1v should have their metals examined and various associations suggest that at this point amalgams should be removed.

Health significantly improved afterwards amalgam removal in conjunction with the start of the important chelation programme. It then seemed to stall whilst prolonged other dental works continued and then took a further year to show further steady improvements.

This is by no means the end of elemental mercury/inorganic mercury toxicity. Chronic mercury toxicity had more than 7 years to seep into not just organs and tissues but the bones whilst the NHS ‘faffed around’ with mis-diagnosis after mis-diagnosis where none of those clinicians had admitted they were not trained to discuss the symptoms presented and diagnose.

Removing the root causes from the oral cavity were just the start of a very long chelation process which is likely to last many years due to the extreme high levels of toxicity recorded in the body.

For information * An interesting Australian Holistic practice with a large website and information about mercury toxicity read ~ Eric Davies Dental

Toothpaste and Brushes

Toothbrushes were replaced very frequently, just after a diagnosis of toxicity. Packs of handheld toothbrushes were purchased and used just for a few days, during the first few months of detox, in the bid to minimise any toxins left by saliva and ingestion vapour that may collect on the brush heads being re-deposited back into the oral cavity with each and every brushing session, and a new brush used immediately after any dental works.

About 6 months after dental works had been completed, starting re-using an electric toothbrush for normal cleaning, again, the brush heads were replaced far more frequently than usual and today, into the fifth year of chelation are replaced as normal wear.

Toothpaste was examined and replaced with a natural SLS-free (sodium laureth sulfate) toothpaste which is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products. SLES is a very effective foaming agent but can cause irritations to eyes and skin. GreenPeople had quite a range to choose from and there are one or two popular UK commercial brands free from SLS. Today an SLS-free paste is still used.

Posts are in numbered order for completeness. You may like to next read post 11 which explains what elemental/inorganic mercury does to the body.

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