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The Important Role of Holistic Dentists – Post 10

After years of NHS misdiagnosis, left undiagnosed, the patient undertook numerous private health care scans, tests, and much research, the patient was diagnosed with severe chronic dental ingestion that included the highest levels of elemental mercury (becomes inorganic mercury), nickel and palladium sped up 10 times by the actions of a second disease, Oral-Electro galvanism, the cause being suggestive of an unknown accident to the face.

The 2 important actions necessary to regain health levels


Remove mixed metals from the oral cavity


Chelate the body, the method of removing certain heavy metals from the bloodstream and bones

This post examines 1, the role of the holistic dentist who minimises the risk of further dental ingestion whilst removing the metals by following holistic protocols.

What Does Holistic Mean?

The general meaning applied to medicine –

dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part


What Do Holistic Dentists Do?

Elemental mercury, dental mercury, is renowned for difficult removal making the patient sicker when normal dental techniques are used in dental practices up and down the UK.

Given the fact of being severely poisoned, not just with mercury, but a number of toxic metals, it was important to find the best dental practices that could remove the toxicity safely under holistic protocols without making one any sicker.

As a UK patient seeking help with a mouthful of toxic metals, recently tested, it was important to look for a dental practitioner who was not just a highly-skilled practicing dentist, but also a member of the holistic accredited associations, who had a track record of removing unwanted elemental mercury, and in the UK, preferably be CQC accredited, the British accreditation service.

Holistic dentists are usually members of the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

The Society website is available for those seeking assistance with biocompatible dental materials and treatment. A membership list is available for UK dental practitioners online.

The majority of British Holistic Dentists also join the global The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, known as the IAOMT. This is a credible global organisation for dental and health professionals looking for further safe biological dentistry and healthcare and who freely publish helpful public information.

They provide ‘Smart’ certification, and their protocols for safer removals of mercury from the oral cavity.

You can read more about CQC accreditation in post 7

What Special Dental Equipment Does The Holistic Dentist Use?

  • – A patient oxygen mask to prevent mercury inhalation by their patients.
  • – Place a rubber dam barrier around the tooth to prevent mercury from being swallowed.
  • – Remove the filling carefully to minimise mercury ‘dust.’
  • – Use powerful (‘high volume’) suction at all times.
  • – Use a ‘scavenger’ to keep the air in the surgery clean throughout the amalgam removal protocol.

Does It Matter Whether Mercury Amalgam Is Removed Not Using Holistic Protocols?

NHS dental practitioners currently do not follow holistic protocols when removing amalgams in their surgeries.

NHS dentists currently do not follow the safer holistic protocols when removing amalgams and there are various reports that patients may swallow more amalgam vapour, around 90% of the amalgam vapour, caused by the drilling and works in their mouths. Many patients report feeling unwell for months afterward, reporting mercury-like symptoms.

Holistic practices are clearly a better way of removing amalgams, especially where there is extensive removal to be carried out and the patient is already reporting high levels of toxicity and severely declining health.

Holistic Dental Consultations

There are not many holistic dentists based in the UK, not as many as the public should have access to, and these services are private, services not usually available on the NHS.

Two interesting and lengthy consultations were undertaken, by practices based in the South East of England. Both were highly rated by patients and followed the necessary protocols, and modern practices with state-of-the-art dental equipment.

One consultation provided an interesting Electro-galvanic Evaluation indicating the electro-conductivity of each of the amalgams which provides an indication of the amount of mercury vapour released from the fillings (leeching) and the possible systemic effects of what many dentists write about frequently known as  “having a ‘battery’ in the mouth”.

The amalgams were tested indicating leeching at least 3 times higher than that of the public range.

The more experienced dentist, Dr. Jeff Amos, had examples of varying patient dental treatments undertaken visually on the practice website and had more than 23 years of removing amalgams based in Brighton, UK. This was to be an important reason for choosing Mr. Amos’s practice where other complicated procedures had arisen that needed addressing before the removal of amalgams could take place.

How Much Does Holistic Dentistry Cost?

Private dentistry is not cheap in the UK, nor are NHS dental treatments, so one should be prepared to pay private dental rates plus, for good holistic services. Prices range across the UK, city to town, and practice to practice. There seem to be no particular fixed rates.

Having a holistic dental consultation which was considerably longer in length, (both were an hour long), than the normal NHS 15 minute check-up, included low dosage 360 x-rays taken during the consultation, with the x rays positioned in front of you on a large screen afterward, whilst the dentist talked through how the amalgams could be removed and if there were any other visible signs of works needed to be undertaken beforehand. The equipment visible and being used was certainly ‘state of the art’ with clean, modern consulting rooms.

The dentist provided a care plan, answered any questions you raised clearly, and the indicated time scales that would be needed to complete the removals.

A projected cost with the proposed appointments is required as detailed in an informative letter sent after the appointment.

Safe Removals of Amalgams

Full patient history was completed at the consultation appointment as were the low dosage x rays, and Dr. Amos refreshed with the patient at the first appointment, what works were to be undertaken if there were any new questions, and anything that he should know about since completing the patient history form, and the last meeting.

Before Dr. Amos could remove the amalgams, a troublesome two silver prong root canal treatment needed urgent removal from the oral cavity. This was a ‘fiddly’ procedure taking initially a couple of long appointments. Dentists are obliged to put matters right in patients’ mouths before undertaking new patient instructions for care. Not all dentists have the skills to remove root canals and often one can get referred, however, Dr. Amos practiced these skills and managed to remove them successfully.

4 amalgam (aka mercury) fillings located in three quadrants of the face were then removed, along with some of the other mixed dentistry metals, being replaced with bio-compatible materials, over a series of appointments.

The holistic dentist approaches the removal in a different way than NHS dentists who grind the mercury out of the cavity which causes much dust and debris where the patient swallows more mercury than is necessarily leading to even more bad health. Holistic dentists proportion the removal by cutting large portions of the mercury out, quickly and efficiently, whilst the patient has the rubber dam in place and suction in the mouth operates with the high suction evacuation tool. They work extremely quickly.

Importantly, procedures were planned systematically, and time is also given between appointments for the oral cavity to recover, which is not always the case when NHS dentists remove amalgams, a patient seemingly has to fit around the appointment availability.

A few months later, a small amount of tooth had to be extracted to accommodate a new crown that initially failed to stay in place, and a bridge was prepared and fitted. At this point, Dr. Amos managed to fully remove the two silver metal prongs that over the years had been deeply embedded in the jaw, with success, meaning even more mixed metal was being removed from the mouth.

A much-reduced amount of mixed metal remains in the patient’s mouth today.

It is worth pointing out that this holistic dental care clinic provided an exclusive quality restoration guarantee for the biocompatible appliances being fitted, replacing the amalgams, in the oral cavity, for up to five years with the details of the laboratory providing the appliances when paying fees for dental works. Again, something that the NHS dentist doesn’t provide but where patients have to usually apply a written request (and sometimes, by Statutory Request), to obtain the details of dental works and manufacture.

Approximately 50% of NHS dentists are still using amalgam in their practices (2021), and unbelievably may even replace old amalgam removed with new, despite a UK ban now in place for pregnant mothers and children.

Voltage was noted in the oral cavity as far back as 2010, and reported to the various NHS clinicians, including GP and secondary care at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, East Sussex, UK, part of The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. Most clinicians ignored the symptoms, others laughed, one called the patient ‘bonkers’ for even suggesting there was voltage.

Looking back it is very disturbing that in the 21st century we have such atrocious NHS medical care where the patient was continually describing Oral-Electro galvanism yet not one clinician in the NHS, even those trained in oral and maxillofacial and dental surgery seemed to recognise the symptoms and provide a decent treatment plan. It may have helped where those individuals that didn’t recognise the symptoms to have stated they didn’t know and referred to an authority that did, as their Regulator, The GMC states, but clinician after clinician bungled their diagnosis usually failing to offer blood tests and a treatment plan. This prolonged the patient’s diagnosis and contributed to heavier levels of toxicity resting in the body organs and bones.

Voltage Recorded In The Oral Cavity

Oral-Electro galvanism disease had been known to man for more than 150 years, regularly discussed in countless medical journals and by many dental businesses, for example, Smile.

You can read more about galvanism on the page Finding The Root Cause and Post 19 about Galvanism.

This failure of NHS care allowed the patient to become even more seriously poisoned at higher levels in a much shorter space of time.

Regular Voltage Readings Taken In the Oral Cavity

Readings were infrequently recorded from 2011, and more frequently from 2012, before, during, and continued to be monitored after the removal of the amalgams 2016, after the close of dental works 2017, right up to today, 2021.

The voltage recordings when started to be read, 3 years after the suggested cause of the disease, the knock to the face, were already reading 0.25 v. being over the public accepted range of 0.1 v.

It was further noted that the LR quadrant of the face seemed to be the centre point, recording the highest output, and confirmed by metal detection tests undertaken at the same time, and still, clinicians completely dismissed these facts.

Humans have micro amounts of voltage and elevated levels are very possible, one being the possible cause of Oral-Electro galvanism.

Voltage recordings were taken by a reliable voltage meter at the same positions in the mouth for years, building up a historical picture of the patient’s poor health. It was quite frightening that in a short space of time those readings recorded rose from 0.25 v. to 1.0 v. as the galvanism in the oral cavity took hold. This ultimately helped to speed up toxicity levels where amalgams in the oral cavity were tested by a dentist for mercury leeching and all registered high levels, well over the accepted public range.

Constant readings of 1 v. daily were recorded and more, virtually any time of the day, by the time of removal of the amalgams from the oral cavity, having had a huge negative effect on the body and unknown what long term effect the toxicity caused had on the body.

1 v. is 10 times more than a human body can tolerate operating in everyday life.

Reducing Oral-Electro Galvanism

Holistic dentistry continued for a few months for other works to be completed after the initial removal of amalgams. The Oral-Electro galvanism had reduced from 1 v at its peak, registering at any time of the day and night, and sometimes more, but began to reduce during this period, where currents registered between 0.2 v. and 0.4 v each month reducing slowly to 0.1 v. This is still not perceived as a safe level to a human, but started making life a little more comfortable.

After a few more months, after holistic dental works had finally been completed, the readings recorded .075 v. as an average daily reading. This was now one and a half years after the removal of amalgams with a full chelation programme being administered alongside.

2020, It took 4 years for the mouth to reduce to a more respectable, 0.045 v. reading. 

Whilst removing the immediate source of toxicity, the mouth still needed to be chelated every day by keeping toxin ingestion as low as possible, and where the elemental/inorganic mercury and other toxic metals had buried themselves deep into the skin, jaw, inside the oral cavity and throat, and take years to fully reduce/remove.

There still remain nickel posts and other dental material used in dentistry, and several metals in the mouth, particularly two remaining root canals, waiting for further removal, and this may help to reduce the readings further.

2021, brings even better news where everyday readings range between 0.025 v and 0.030 v with a one-off recorded of 0.038.

It suggests that carrying on the careful and planned chelation programme is still working to help remove the toxins that became buried deep in the skin and mouth, in the oral cavity.

Continuing to reduce toxin consumption by eating organic food, (food grown with less or no pesticides and fertilisers) is a key factor, along with using the renowned chelator, chlorella, (post 14).

However, the mouth is the first area of the human body that would always benefit the most from chelation but doesn’t equate that all parts of the body will be removing toxins in the same equation.

Measurement is almost impossible, as there is no scientific way to measure the remains of toxicity resting in the bones.

Medical Thermal Imaging scans will provide a general overview of the body’s improvements when scanned periodically.

Read more about chelation, posts 13-18.

Oral-Electro galvanism was treated by having amalgams and other toxic metals removed from the oral cavity, where their vapour had been allowed to mix freely together with saliva, an electrolyte solution, causing an electro current, the possible cause being a suspected knock to the face dislodging the source, a dental restoration.


It is advised by various medical concerns that anyone with readings above 0.1v should have their metals examined and various associations suggest that at this point amalgams should be removed.

For information * An interesting Australian Holistic practice, Eric Davis Dental, with a large website and information about dental toxicity and Galvanism ‘Galvanism Electrical Current With The Power To Destroy.’

TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Lots of different tooth brush heads

Your toothpaste and brush are important when chelating

Toothpaste And Brushes When Chelating

Toothbrushes are important when chelating from nasty dental toxicity, as they can carry unwanted toxins between sessions of brushing your teeth.

Toothbrushes were replaced very frequently, just after a diagnosis of toxicity. Packs of handheld toothbrushes were purchased and used just for a few days, during the first few months of detox, in the bid to minimise any toxins left by saliva and ingestion vapour that may collect on the brush heads being re-deposited back into the oral cavity with each and every brushing session, and a new brush used immediately after any dental works.

About 6 months after dental works had been completed, started to re-use an electric toothbrush for normal cleaning, again, the brush heads were replaced far more frequently than usual and today, into the sixth year of chelation, are replaced as normal wear.

2016, The Guardian posted an article about the rise in natural eco toothbrushes causing less plastic waste.

Toothpaste was examined and replaced with a natural SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulfate) toothpaste – which is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products.

SLS is a very effective foaming agent but can cause irritations to the eyes and skin. There really isn’t the need to overload the mouth with additional chemicals brushing when poisoned, and by using SLS free-product, one is helping to reduce toxins entering the oral cavity.

GreenPeople had quite a range of organic products to choose from and recently, in 2022, UK commercial brands seem to have stepped up producing more toothpaste without SLS such as Sensodyne and Oral-B  (‘Google’ SLS-free toothpaste).

Today, the patient still continues to reduce as many toxins as possible from the body, SLS-free paste is still used.

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