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What Are Patient Care Regulators? – Post 7

A majority of NHS UK patients are satisfied with their care, however, there are times when it is important to ensure that bad care is brought to the attention of those who can resolve issues and improve services.

Complaint routes are never very straight forward in most organizations, including the NHS. As an advocate that complaints should be dealt with by those who offer the poor care, face to face, providing an opportunity to put right what was wrong, The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, CEO Mr Mathew Kershaw and Consultant Mr K Altman failed to offer any conciliation route contrary to GMC guidelines. 


The GMC, the regulatory body for doctors and other clinicians indicate in their complaints procedures, that most doctors would like to put matters right if provided with the chance. Lots of conciliatory information in their guidelines, but surprisingly, no doctor did so at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.

More recent correspondence with the Medical Director of The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, Sussex, resulted in conciliatory words, such as –

“I can only imagine how difficult and distressing these last few years have been for you.” 

Still, no assurance that the organisation made changes to their practices so that their criminal dangerous acts would never take place to any other patient, let alone an apology or even evidence of any beneficial learning.

It is this reason that the information concerning not just poor care AND unlawful care at this hospital, and Trust, but the limitations of the NHS medical teams to diagnose a life-threatening toxicity accident they caused is now put in the public domain.

What wasn’t known at that time, was the hospital was also facing numerous complaints and claims, in particularly, for four ‘never events’ which were being concealed, by the CEO, kept away from the press reporting.

Due to the appalling conduct of the CEO of The Trust, where it became clear he had no intention to meet and work with the patient and to put matters right, a complaint was made to The Care Quality Commission, CQC.


The CQC is the independent regulator of health and adult social care service in England. They do not investigate individual complaints but have a range of powers they can take when people are receiving poor care.

The organisation was supplied with statutory evidence of medical criminal acts.

The CQC shortly afterwards took action.

The organisation inspected The Royal Sussex County Hospital. Brighton, Sussex.

The Trust had a history of ‘long-standing and complex issues’ and was put into special measures for quality by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in August 2016. As of October 2016, it was placed into financial special measures.

The “troubled” Trust had to be taken over by one of the top-performing hospital trusts in England, 2016, by The Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as reported by the BBC news and local media.  

2019, the CQC furthermore reported in the press, that more than half of England and Wales A&E departments are ‘not good enough,’ where this had been evident for years, at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton and Hove as a patient attending.

General Information – Numerous youtube videos are available online to view information about the CQC, what inspectors are checking, and webinars for NHS clinicians outlining Commissions checks.

It is advisable to read posts in numerical order. The next post 8 explains some of the private health care that helped find the root causes of toxicity.

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