6. Chronic Dental Ingestion Causing Eczema

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What Are The Visual Signs Of Dental Metal Toxicity?

The Visual Appearance Of Elemental/Inorganic Mercury Nickel And Palladium

Eczema – Psoriasis – Pink Disease – The Foods To Avoid – Post 6

The Silent Killer – Mercury toxicity is often called ‘The Silent Killer’

There were very few visible signs of chronic dental ingestion poisoning that had included severe levels of elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium, and nickel toxicity.

Health deteriorates for years without anyone realising how sick the patient really is as elemental/inorganic mercury tucks itself into one’s bones, the medical term being ‘resting’.

Eczema and/or Psoriasis symptoms appeared 3 years after the unconsented surgical procedure carried out at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust where a suggestive knock to the face caused Oral-Electro galvanism speeding up severe chronic dental ingestion. 

Eczema and/or Psoriasis provided the visible signs now known to be suggestive of the toxicity identified by blood tests.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a medical condition where there are visible patches of skin that become rough and inflamed causing itching, blisters, and bleeding


What Is Psoriasis?

A skin disease characterized by the formation of reddish spots and patches covered with silvery scales: tends to run in families


The Start Of Eczema

3 years after a surgical procedure, with more and more new symptoms being identified, head to toe, 24/7, rashes and blistering began to appear on the hands accompanied by intense periods of scratching the body.

Having never had any previous problems with skin allergies, the eczema was perceived to be associated with the suspicions about an oral cavity restoration, Lower Right jaw, LR jaw, having been the centre of medical complaints for the last three years, but where NHS clinicians continued to ignore this.

NHS clinicians had diagnosed ‘Tooth Grinding’ but had failed to take any blood tests despite already knowing and concealing that the patient was likely to be suffering from thyroiditis.

TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Hands with severe rashes in the morning right-hand little finger

The rashes would occur mostly on the hands, on the palms, and between fingers. At first, they were mild, and come and go but sore then developed being visible 24/7, becoming a red fiery colour during the day.

As the disease developed, early morning would see hands visible weeping fluid, red and sore, and later from the centre of palms. Typical symptoms of eczema. It was evident that the strength of the visual appearance was being affected by periods of rest versus periods of activity.

Centre of palms would weep

All fingers and both hands affected

Later engagements with NHS toxicologists clinicians, where there was mounting evidence and confirmed blood tests, implied the eczema was caused by contact with metals rather than ingesting vapour metals despite the suspicion that the LR jaw was the centre of problems. The NHS Contact dermatitis information.

The NHS toxicity clinician during a consultation asked surpringsly if I had been using a pen to have caused eczema of both hands but failed to offer any NHS metal toxicity testing. He didn’t realise he was looking at pink disease associated with elemental/inorganic mercury.


The advice given was to see a GP using creams as directed as necessary. There was no direction given on finding the root cause that would ultimately stop the condition. It was ‘prevention rather than cure’ advice which was unacceptable to the patient.

The first signs of pink disease

How was Eczema Caused?

The unconsented surgical procedure has been suggestive to have caused ‘accidental knocking of the face, knocking the dental restorations, triggering Oral-Electro galvanism which sped up the effects of severe dental metal ingestion, and is responsible for the visible effects of eczema, just one of more than 100 symptoms that elemental mercury, (which becomes inorganic mercury after mixing with other vapour within the oral cavity and then ingested), and notably, other, very toxic metals present which included the deadly metal palladium, and nickel at extremely high levels of toxicity.

Pink Disease – Acrodynia

The very identifiable visual signs of Pink Disease developed a few months later.

Pink Disease is exactly that, a pink rash with white crusty flaking skin which was prone to appear in the cracks and creases of the hands and fingers causing pain 24/7 soreness and on occasions so severe, there was visible weeping fluid from the cracks.

At first, it was alight pink colour with just a few signs of flakiness, and then started worsening.

It was at this point after research indicated that one was staring at the first visible signs of toxicity that was attributed to elemental mercury/ inorganic mercury toxicity.

It worsened becoming more pink, very sore, itchy, and with very white flaky skin, particularly around the bottom of fingers and top of hands.

Once Acrodynia appeared, the medical name for Pink Disease, it became very significant and the long-held belief and suspicions about the LR jaw dental restoration lead to believing that the patient was dental poisoned. It confirmed that metal blood tests were needed urgently but it still didn’t explain why the tested oral cavity measured such high voltage levels, this would need further dental galvanic (mercury leaching tests) to aid diagnosis and suggestive Oral-Electro galvanism, elemental mercury mixing with other noble metals in the oral cavity with the ability to cause galvanism.

Pink Disease would appear in the creases causing severe irritation

Testing For Metal Toxicity

Environmental 16 Metal Blood Tests taken in a CQC, Care Quality Commission, approved private health clinic, (read more Post 9), indicated that a number of associated dentistry metals were recording significantly high levels of toxicity, on, or severely above, public ranges. Public ranges as most of us know, are set high, so these results were extremely important.

Mercury was detected to be severely above the public range, nickel on the top of the public range.

Manganese and Cobalt were surprisingly high and Palladium wasn’t available for testing in these general Environmental Metal Blood tests.

These metal tests were the first real breakthrough in 7 years, toward finding a diagnosis.

Various tests were taken frequently, and at this same clinic for completeness and monitoring of health improvements.

Many pictures have been taken over the years of eczema, the suggestive cause being high levels of elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium, and nickel levels, as recorded in the bloodstream.

Both hands were affected for years, becoming increasingly uncomfortable, particularly preventing sleeping, waking up several times at night scratching hands constantly. In the morning, the hands would often be weeping puss and fluid and when especially bad, visibly oozing out blood.

Sometimes the hands had prickly type spots in the palms, whilst there were pink, dry, and crusty areas around the fingers. It was later believed that these prickly type spots may have been suggestive of nickel dentistry ingested vapour. Nickel did test as very positive in the special dental blood tests, as well as palladium and elemental/inorganic mercury.

Why ‘Pink Disease’ eczema particularly hugged the cracks of the fingers is unknown.

Prickly blistering spots possibly suggestive due to nickel dental ingestion vapour

When eczema started to worsen visibly, more monitoring of the hands provided no specific times of the day or areas on the hands where eczema would appear.

Cotton organic gloves would be worn whenever possible, particularly during sleeping to try to stop the constant waking due to the uncomfortable itching and to try and get some sleep.

The eczema was now accompanied by other rashes and huge boils which would suddenly randomly appear on parts of the body.

The face was prone to spots that simply wouldn’t heal for years, later found to be suggestive of a poor functioning thyroid. Even after the diagnosis, spots still continued to appear and failed to heal quickly for about another two years, where a chelation programme, (the programme to remove the body of toxic mercury and other metals), had been put in place, becoming less noticeable over time and taking less time to heal.

However, six years on from diagnosis, these spots can still occur today, particularly when a chelation period is due, now taking less time to heal. When the chelation process starts, (consuming Chlorella + Coriander, Post 14), the spots tend to heal very quickly.


TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Blood being drawn from the arm for blood testing

9. Dental Toxicity Tests And Scans

9. Special blood tests and scans supported the Elemental (known also as Metallic, Quicksilver) / Inorganic Mercury, Palladium, Nickel toxicity Chronic Dental Toxicity diagnosis. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

Keep reading

4 Visual Presentations

When one reflects about visual eczema experienced, there were 4 different presentations –

  1. Sore, red patches would appear and disappear randomly.
  2. Weeping of fluid, pus, blood from the palms, most days, generally waking and in the mornings, suggestive of nickel dental toxicity vapour.
  3. Pink Disease, suggestive of elemental/inorganic mercury toxicity identified by the patches of pink and white crusty flaky skin, 24/7.
  4. Blistering spots would appear and disappear but for longer periods, for days not hours, known later to have been suggestive of a poor functioning thyroid

Reduction Of Eczema

Elemental/inorganic mercury heads straight for the bones, resting in the bones for years, and sometimes never removes.

A chelation programme included not just removing as much metal from the oral cavity but also reducing the daily toxic body burden and changing diet, eating foods that prevented redeposition of the toxins into bones, and those foods that helped to push out the toxins, reducting toxins put on the skin and reducing toxins in the environment around the patient.

Daily eczema started becoming less visual 3 months after diagnosis when a strict chelation programme had commenced which also included removing as much metal from the oral cavity including leaching amalgams (aka 50% elemental mercury), part of the root cause for the toxicity.

Of course, no NHS toxicologist or clinician will tell you to remove as much metal from your body and take metal tests. In my case, they tried to claim it was only a poor functioning thyroid to blame 8 years too late after diagnosing me with ‘toothgrinding’!

It’s left up to the patient to get to the root cause. The NHS would rather tell you to put creams on your hands and change your diet that inform you of the root cause.


After the start of the chelation programme, eczema would disappear and then reappear without warning over the next 3 years, being less severe but a reminder that the body had a long way to go to be fully clean and free of life-threatening toxic metals.

Toxicity Scratching And Irritations

Over the next 5 years there have been occasions during the chelation process where notable scratching of the hands has occurred including, on occasions, the visual presentation of rashes. Sometimes rashes have been different from those before diagnosis. This can usually be traced back to eating certain foods, that can generally be high in nickel or manganese minerals or other build-ups of certain minerals consumed during the chelation process where the organic diet is the most significant chelation method.

It suggests that the body, the bones where the mercury deposit and the bloodstream still retain significantly high levels of dental digested elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium and nickel content.

There is currently no scientific way of measuring the levels of toxicity remaining, resting in the bones

Scientific papers suggest 

“The blood mercury is a useful biomarker after short-term and high-level exposure, whereas the urine mercury is the ideal biomarker for long-term exposure to both elemental and inorganic mercury, and also as a good indicator of body burden”. 

Full Article – Human exposure and health effects of inorganic and elemental mercury https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3514464/

This is disputed by clinicians today who argue, in simplistic terms, the worse the patient is, the more unlikely their organs are working effectively to push out the toxins, so conceals how sick the patient truly is registering very low excretion or indeed, none at all.

This suggestion is often dismissed now by senior consultants as almost meaningless, after the first set of toxicity medical tests, when trying to ascertain the amount of elemental/inorganic toxicity actually left resting in the bones. There are so many factors that can affect the blood test results once one starts chelating, having changed diets to aid detoxification, however, any positive recordings of mercury being excreted from the body can only be a positive indication.

When rashes appear on the body, it’s the signal to adjust menus for a few days.

If rashes look similar to those presented associated with nickel toxicity, then generally avoiding foods with higher manganese minerals (it is known that manganese works with mercury depleting other good minerals from the body), and those foods known to aid the chelation of nickel toxicity are consumed more. This resolves the problems quickly, in a matter of a couple of days or so, being a balancing act of minerals consumed. You can read more about food balancing and The Mineral Relationship Wheel in the post ‘The Use Of Supplements, Post 18’.

TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Supplements and fruit and vegetables

18. The Use Of Supplements

18. Importance of the use of supplements during chelation in recovery from severe chronic dental ingestion toxicity. The important MIneral Wheel. Use of supplements in addition to consuming raw natural organic foods. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

Keep reading

Acrodynia from elemental mercury vapor toxicity (courtesy of D. Rusyniak, MD, Indianapolis, IN).


Post Diagnosis Eczema Or Psoriasis?

Swimming And Mercuric Chloride Toxicity

It became impossible to swim, using chlorinated public pools, about 4 years before diagnosis, and then after diagnosis.

Nobody told me not to swim in public pools or that chlorine would affect me because of the mercury toxicity.

The mixture of mercury in the toxic body with the added chlorine-based chemicals in swimming pool water presented an incredibly awful burning of the throat, about 30 minutes into the swim programme, becoming too intense to swim any longer.

Exiting the pool, one would shower, but rashes over the body would become visible about 15-20 minutes later and would persist for at least 24 hours after. One would thoroughly shower again hoping that this helped but it didn’t prevent the rashes or stop the hideous, almost monkey-like itching that occurs for 24 hours or so.

The rashes were pink with raised bumps on the skin. The rashes were in patches all over the body. It was an extraordinary very nasty reaction and extremely uncomfortable for one to two days afterwards.

When this first occurred questions were raised with the company managing the pool if they had changed chemicals used in any way or had any other swimmers complaining of problems. However, after 3 or so experiences it was realised that it was the patient who was reacting to the chemicals.

It became clear that swimming was ‘off the agenda’, very disappointing having been a lifelong swimmer.

It is now known that chlorine is one of the worst compounds to mix with mercury, detailed in an informative NCBI article, National Center for Biotechnology Information, article number (/articles/PMC3253456/#B13). This article is particularly interesting as it suggests the above details, the events that occurred experienced whilst swimming in a chlorinated pool are suggestive of elemental/inorganic mercury and chlorine mixing.

3.1.2. Mercurous (Hg2  ++) Mercury

Mercurous mercury salt in the form of Hg2Cl2 (calomel) is poorly soluble in water and poorly absorbed by the intestine, although some portion is thought to undergo oxidation to more readily absorbable forms [36]. It is doubtful that mercurous mercury survives in the body, other than as a transitional form between metallic and mercuric mercury [5].

Some absorption evidently occurs, however, as calomel is occasionally associated with pink disease or acrodynia.

Picture 1.

Picture 1, the patient’s arm, below, is taken approximately 4 hours after swimming in a public chlorinated swimming pool. A visual pink disease appeared randomly over various parts of the body.

The skin rash is associated with the mixing of elemental/inorganic mercury and chlorine toxicity.

From time to time attempts have been made to use swimming pools, the rashes have become less intense, and decreased in size, but these skin areas have left permanent scarring that is very noticeable on the skin when out enjoying the summer sunshine. This symptom can be defined as Psoriasis.

It signifies in a crude way, that there is no scientific way to know how much of the toxins are left in the body, how the patient is recovering, crudely measuring the effects of swimming in chlorinated pools.

TOXIC HEALTH CO.UK. Suggestive of mercuric chloride rashes after swimming

Picture 2.

This picture features the suggestive pink rash associated with elemental/inorganic mercury and chlorine toxicity. This image was taken approximately 24 hours after Picture 1, after swimming in a chlorinated pool where the rash is now reducing in intensity and size spread.

Picture 3.

The picture below features the scarring of the skin caused 4 years after diagnosis and when last swimming in a public chlorinated pool; more distinct during summer when being out in the sunshine.

In intense heat, scars became very sore to touch, red and fiery looking, almost on the point of starting to bleed, and needed to be covered up, away from the rays of the sun.


Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales.

NHS https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/psoriasis/

This could be suggestive of Psoriasis, which differentiates between Ezcema and Psoriasis and where elemental/inorganic mercury is mixed with the swimming pool chlorine substance.

A senior NHS toxicologist admitted he couldn’t be sure.

Read more at Web MD.

TOXIC HEALTH - Pink disease scarring

Covid-19 And Hand Washing

Sodium Chloride

Ezcema unfortunately, made another and significant comeback when more frequent hand washing was introduced as part of the ways to help prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading, Spring 2020 and continues.

The same anti-bacterial hand wash had been used for several years before Covid-19.

The UK public was encouraged to wash hands for longer and more frequently during the day when Covid-19 virus hit the country during March 2020.

Within a couple of days, hands were covered with fierce-looking, itchy, red rash-like symptoms which started to appear on the outside of the hands for hours, again one would unconsciously be scratching at these areas for hours. The rashes did not appear on the palms of the hands.

Shops and High Street services offered customers differing strength santisers at their premises’ front doors and businesses provided their staff with supplies when they re-opened for trading after imposed lockdowns.

Hand washing naturally wasn’t ‘off the agenda’ but a mild soap had to be used whilst at home, with just one shorter timed hand wash a day using the stronger antibacterial wash to help restore the appearance of skin, hands, and prevent eczema.

On further examination, numerous antibacterial hand washes contain the ingredient Sodium Chloride, as do well-known soap bars, (and the unnecessary inclusion of Sodium Laureth Sulfate, SLS, the foaming agent), which is the suggestive cause of these new problems when antibacterial hand washes are used on the toxic patient’s body.


This image presents the visual rashes caused by hand washing.

Chlorine is already well known as one of the worst compounds when mixed with elemental/ inorganic mercury, detailed in several medical reports.

The patient experienced further side effects and allergies associated with mercuric chloride when swimming in public chlorinated pools.

This was now, no longer the only cause and seems to suggest Chlorine is a major problem to the toxic body.

Medical articles at the informative public website NCBI, The National Center for Biotechnology Information, provide many pages written by medical professionals globally, including the subject of mercury and its associations when mixing with other metals, gases, and vapours, including Chlorine.

NCBI (articles/PMC3253456/) details information, 3.1.2. Mercurous (Hg2  ++) Mercury 3.1.3 Mercuric (Hg++) Mercury.

Read more about the patient’s Covid-19 toxicity challenges

What is Covid-19? – The World Health Organization

Prevention Of Eczema By Diet 

Correcting Nickel Ezcema

High levels of nickel were recorded in the Environmental 16 Metal blood tests and Melissa® dental ingestion tests taken that helped to establish the root cause of the symptoms.

Much research was carried out continuously by clinicians, and the patient monitoring the chelation diet, that was now needed to improve health, post-diagnosis, eating foods that were known to enhance mercury, nickel, and palladium chelation.

Nickel-free diet ~ bad foods to avoid

These foods listed below were removed from the diet immediately on diagnosis, except onions consumed for the glutathione diet.

Tea, coffee, chocolate/cocoa, whole wheat grain, rye oats, corn, peas, peanuts, dried fruits, liquorice, prunes, raspberries, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, marzipan, asparagus, rhubarb, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, sprouts, pear, onions, tomatoes.

Consuming rye, oats, and chocolate products seemed to be the worst for causing almost instantaneous visual eczema.

6 years after diagnosis this diet still persists. Some vegetables are eaten in moderation but nuts noticeably remain a problem.

Good foods to aid a nickel-free diet

Peaches, blueberries, strawberries berries, dairy produce, cheese butter yogurt, milk, cream, pasta, cornflakes, white bread, chicken, beef, eggs, aubergine, mushrooms, cucumber, apples, carrots, peppers, potatoes.

  • It has to be noted that contrary to the elemental/inorganic mercury chelation diet, a nickel-free diet positively encourages the consumption of dairy products, whereas elemental/inorganic does not. 

During the first year of detoxification, the patient concentrated wholly on detoxification of mercury, as mercury and mercuric compounds can be carcinogenic. 

More information is available at Carcinogenicity of mercury and mercury compounds and further updates https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8465166/

A balance had to be struck according to the patient’s detoxification needs and balanced mineral intake.

Palladium correction 

Alarmingly and unbelievably, the global dental industry agrees that not enough research has been carried out concerning the effects of palladium toxicity and how to successfully remove this toxic metal from the human body, despite as we write, 2021, continue using palladium in various dental fitments.

As the patient was having a bio-compatible device put in the oral cavity by the dentist during the 1990’s Germany’s Health Ministry was warning dentists about its use.

The device fitted contained gold as well palladium. The BRMI, BioMed Research International interestingly writes –

The use of gold in dentistry dates to ancient times and, today, the gold used by most dentists contains dangerous amounts of palladium. German biological medical doctors refer to palladium/gold alloy as the “fool’s gold” of dentistry, because it may be more dangerous than mercury. The amount of palladium used today in making dental crowns and bridges varies considerably, whereas gold restorations may contain up to 78.5% of other dangerous heavy metals.

Countries around the world have started banning the use of palladium in both medical and dentistry use, but not the UK.

It remains to this day, the question as to how much eczema may have been caused by palladium toxicity?

Information about palladium toxicity, similar to mercury, can be found in several dental and health resources such as Hollisticmed.com and more information throughout the website researched from reputable medical establishments.

It is suggested by practitioners who regularly consult with poisoned patients, that palladium may follow similar detoxification procedures as mercury, and this view is published by the credible International Academy of Oral Medicine And Toxicology, IAOMT.

Elemental / Inorganic Mercury v Nickel Eczema Correction

The diet required for helping elemental/inorganic mercury chelation is covered in far more detail, being significantly more complex, read Posts, 14, 15, 16, and 17, and thus helping to reduce any visual signs that may be caused, (such as mercuric chloride exposure). This diet had to take preference over Nickel, due to being severely life-threatening to the patient and recording high levels of toxicity.


15. Chelating With Foods

15. Chelating. About foods, Glutathione Diet, Oxalate Diet, hot drinks, Brazil nuts, selenium, magnesium, Vitamin C, raw organic foods. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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16. Chelating

16. Removing use of personal products and awareness of environmental toxins led to a more successful elemental/inorganic mercury, nickel and palladium chelation. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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Mercury v Nickel 

It is suggested by some practitioners to remove dairy products for speedy mercury dental ingestion detoxification, yet dairy products are rated as beneficial for the nickel-free diet.

It’s also noted that this information is very general as it does not specify whether this is for acute or chronic toxicity cases and to which type of mercury toxicity this information refers, for example, to whether elemental, inorganic, organic, or methyl mercury. You can read more about acute or chronic levels. Posts 22 and 23.

Once specialised dental works to remove significant and problematic metals from the oral cavity, which had been the centre of the toxicity, and immediate elemental/inorganic mercury chelation had taken place over the year, other foods were then introduced back into the diet, counterbalancing the nickel chelation that was now needed.

However, there is a natural crossover of food nutrients and chelation results do depend on each and every patients’ individual and specific toxicity levels.

Every patient has differing levels of toxicity needs.

In this case, the elemental/inorganic mercury chelation had to take preference because not only is it simply life-threatening, cancer threatening, but specialised blood tests provided results suggesting extremely high levels of elemental/inorganic mercury in the body stream, which over 7 years before diagnosis, suggested it had a very long time to rest in the bones in significantly large quantities which it was additionally aided by the speeding up of a second disease called Oral-Electro galvanism. Read more about Oral-Electro Galvanism, Post 19.



23. Mercury Toxicity Derivatives

23. What is the difference between Elemental, Inorganic or Organic Mercury Toxicity? Acute or Chronic Mercury Toxicity? Symptoms presented are different, chelation processes differ. Read more. Toxic Health blog. toxichealth.co.uk

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TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Doctor using Computer

19. Oral-Electro Galvanism Symptoms

19. How Oral-Electro galvanism effects the human, symptoms caused, including use of physical everyday electro items such as laptops and mobile phones. How NHS clinicians should have helped. Read more toxichealth.co.uk

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Other Visual Signs Of Dental Toxicity

Mercury is called ‘The Silent Killer’ because of the very few visual signs it presents. It provided the patient with many symptoms for years, that can be incorrectly diagnosed as other diseases. All the symptoms need to be assessed together, and not just a few that a doctor may recognise working in their specific discipline of medicine.

Prior to taking metal blood tests, eczema was evident and other symptoms that clinicians could diagnose as thyroiditis. NHS clinicians were completely unaware of the dangerously high levels of metal toxicity and never considered the patient may be poisoned despite the patient’s continual requests to be referred to oral specialists and have tests undertaken.

The NHS blundering diagnosis of ‘Tooth Grinding’ and GPs’ inability to act over testing for thyroiditis, as well as secondary care concealing the suggestive scans of that disease for years, and a GP’s refusal to allow a referral to an oral specialist led to the patient seeking private consultations and care.

Professionals admit that diagnosis of mercury toxicity ‘can be challenging’ – The NCBI’. articles/PMC3253456/#B13.

Photographs And Visual Signs Of Toxicity

Toxicity And Facial Comparisons

One visual sign of the poisoning was the generalised comparison of photographs of the patient, particularly the face, where the root cause was located, the LR quadrant of the oral cavity, taken around the time of the surgical accident, years before, and then at diagnosis, and 3 years post-diagnosis.

Notably, the deterioration of the face until diagnosis was remarkable, becoming lopsided, the closing in particularly of one eye, poor hair condition, dry, red and blotchy skin, puffy, loss of eyebrows. It was a gradual decline over the 7 years of the root cause being dental toxicity.

The patient could see startling differences as the toxicity started peaking. One may have thought the face had the appearance of a stroke.

Further photographs 2 years post-diagnosis, present improvements with a much healthier-looking skin and hair, eyes now both open fully, facial position restored, and less puffy. The transformation regardless of the ageing process is quite remarkable, however, the toxicity had left a very noticeable deep furrow mark across the forehead.

After spring lockdown, 2021, due to Covid-19 restrictions, there was inevitable weight gain. There was a period of dieting to ensure weight was restored back to a more healthy level, which actually saw this deep furrow line on the forehead disappear.

Dieticians And Nutritionists

Some private consultations were undertaken with differing qualified UK nutritionists, during the post-diagnosis period but found these practitioners only had a very general detoxification knowledge base that really didn’t add to the clinical research that had been already undertaken.

Perhaps, consultations with dieticians at the beginning of chelation, on day one of diagnosis, may have been a better solution, if any had proven previous success working with elemental/inorganic mercury, nickel, and palladium poisoned patients.

Keeping A Diary

A diary had been kept before the diagnosis and post-diagnosis specifically recording the increasing pain thresholds, significant events, food consumption, and general detox matters.

It has been a really helpful tool in assessing recovery, used for consultations and still today, is used less frequently, but still monitoring dates and noticeable remarks during the continuing chelation process.

Re-visiting entries made seven years ago, at the peak of the toxicity, a year before diagnosis, are quite frightening to read and one recognises how sick one really was, notably, every day listed the huge amounts of 24/7 pain being experienced, head to toe.

The NHS Blood Tests Available

The NHS does offer some testing, but in this experience, no clinician even considered toxicity, nor offered metal blood tests despite routinely being informed by the patient that dental implants and restorations were suspected of causing the many symptoms. It’s as if these clinicians are in complete denial that poisoning can occur.

The NHS Blood Tests are limited compared to private clinic testing of metals.

2018, Toxic Health noted new information on the NHS website driving patients to a generalised information site that listed far more tests and medical information about blood tests available commercially, but by no means all tests are available to the public, from the NHS.

Over the past few years, with more and more financial cutbacks being made by the NHS, this growing area of medical business has become far more available to the general public with many commercial firms offering pinprick blood tests and quick results turn-around often without having to leave your home.

Some NHS patients are reporting, for example, that their GP will only allow one thyroid blood test to be taken a year after the patient has been diagnosed. There are websites fully approved by the government UKAS accreditation service, offering thyroid tests for as little as £30.00 (2022), delivered to your door, with a doctor’s report. These can be helpful tools for further consultation with GPs.

For more comprehensive tests, then a visit to an approved CQC clinic can be undertaken. Read about the CQC, the next post, Post 7.

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The next post, Post 7, provides information about the medical complaint bodies available when things go wrong.

7. Medical Complaints

7. The medical complaint procedures and organisations when things aren’t being put right of failed health care. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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