8. Chiropractic And Medical Scans

TOXIC HEALTH CO.UK Medical Thermal Imaging scan before diagnosis and treatment

\\\ Diagnosis

What Tests Are Available For Discovering Dental Toxicity? – Read Posts 8 and 9.

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Looking For The Root Cause

Chiropractic Care

Medical Thermal Digital Imaging Scans

After 3 years an NHS clinician who failed to diagnose the patient during a consultation at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK, informed the patient that health complaints were “all in the head“.

One can take great offence at this type of discussion by clinicians, a phrase that much of the public report is frequently used when clinicians cannot diagnosis a persistent complaint, however, in many respects they were right in my case, as mercury and palladium, the worst types of metal toxicity possible for a human, aims straight for the throat, face, head, brain.

It took a further 3 years working with private consultants and health clinicians to find the root cause of my health problems and diagnosis, ‘Oral-Electro Galvanism which sped up accidental chronic dental ingestion – the highest levels of severe elemental mercury (which becomes inorganic mercury), palladium and nickel toxicity.’ Clearly it wasn’t “all in my head” but very much severe life-threatening poisoning toxins depositing all around my body!

This kind of inappropriate language levelled at the patient was unacceptable by NHS clinicians, who failed to admit at any consultation they were not trained to diagnosis the complaints and symptoms presented, but now known to be so frequently heard by other patients when complaining of symptoms that clinicians fail to recognise and diagnosis.

I was astonished and shocked to read that ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ are so common in the NHS, accounting for up to 45% of all GP appointments and half of all new visits to hospital clinics in the UK. (2019).

There was hope that electronic medical record-keeping introduced, (EMR), would reduce failings of care, but was plagued with errors and delays since launching in the NHS, 2002. Streamlining had little effect where NHS clinicians had for 5 years failed to access online the scans taken AND use the printed paper patient medical paper scans that had also been provided by the diagnostic team, which showed suggestive evidence of a well-known life threatening disease, let alone inform the patient of it. It was scandalous and negligent.

AI Developments

Is the AI Robotic GP consultations now being tested, going to be any better? Apparently so.

Patient Safety Charity, Action Against Medical Accidents, consider making better use of technology to aid diagnosis would help enormously.

Now in the age of AI, artificial intelligence, where trials indicate better results for preliminary diagnosis by robots rather than GP’s, could a robot cope with the 100 or so symptoms presented by the patient being experienced 24/7?

Presumably AI diagnosis is only being as good as the organisation programming the system? Read about Babylon AI.

Services That Look For Root Causes

The NHS services are so limited, their resources stretched.

There may be alternative health care providers who can help to diagnose symptoms where the NHS cannot provide a diagnosis and private clinicians that actually look for the root causes by treating the whole body and not a specialist examination of only part of the body, as the post-war set-up, The NHS departmental consultants are specialised and employed to do.

If one has 100 symptoms, it’s likely you would have to see at least 10 different consultants in different outpatients clinics, and doubt whether any of them were capable of working responsibly as a team to ‘join up the symptoms’ leading to a diagnosis. This is where AI could in the future save thousands if not millions of much need NHS finances.

After years of NHS bungling and misdiagnosis matters were taken out of their hands

\\\ Chiropractors

Chiropractic Care

One of the first steps in private care was to obtain my medical records from primary and secondary care which is explained in post 2. This provided a base to work from and one of the first private consultations was with an experienced chiropractic house that offered Thermal Medical Imaging Scans.

A consultation appointment was made with the local chiropractic clinic at Worthing, West Sussex, UK, registered with The General Chiropractic Council having read about their clinic’s Thermal Medical Imaging scans service, as it was evident to me that symptoms were travelling around the body, quickly, head to toe, being related in some way possibly to the bloodstream. 

Chiropractic care is renowned for looking for the root cause, not just some of the symptoms presented or a ‘department’ specialising in only part of the human body.

After an informative and thorough consultation, head and neck scans were taken. This area was chosen as the patient had repeatably stated to the NHS clinicians that there were problems with LR face and jaw, who had simply dismissed this.

No NHS clinician had organised any scans or tests, despite frequent requests to examine this area of the body as the possible root cause.

The Chiropractic doctor had interests in the head and neck. This was to be a turning point in my care and one of several consultations made over time.

\\\ Chiropractors

Medical Digital Thermal Imaging Scans

It was clear to me that many of the symptoms were likely now to be related to neurology as the oral cavity is positioned so close to the brain.

Thermal Medical Imaging scans were taken, scans were viewed by experts, reports prepared in the USA, being delivered back just a few days later, and a Report of Findings provided by the chiropractic doctor.

It was decided, logically, that dental works should be brought up to date to rule out dental problems.

An experienced and carefully selected new, private, local, experienced dentist brought dental works up-to-date. He was informed of the concerns of poor health at the initial examination and took care to explain what he was doing and what he found.

A month after the dental works were completed, allowing the oral cavity to recover, a further scan session confirmed that this had made no improvements in the areas of interest despite the dentist who also worked in the NHS, being entirely satisfied with the dental works carried out, and who could see no other imminent problems in the oral cavity. 

More Thermal Medical Imaging scans were taken, being used as a non-evasive continual charting and monitoring health programme over several years.

Referrals were made to consult privately with Oral and Maxillofacial consultants outside of the county to try and gain a new perspective to the problems which proved to be enlightening.

The breakthrough was a meeting with one senior Oral and Maxillofacial consultant, but where they had had been trained also in dentistry. Finding this combination can be quite rare.

Within 4 minutes of that meeting he had confirmed that there was minuscule voltage in the human head and neck, contrary to what younger, less experienced junior doctors had believed and stated during out-patient appointments, working at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK, claiming that the patient was “stupid” to think there was voltage in the mouth and affecting the use of everyday electro operated items such as computers and lesser extent, mobile phones.

The consultant considered symptoms presented were very likely to be dentistry and NOT Oral and Maxillofacial and provided referral information for a senior dentistry consultant at Guy’s London Hospital, and that he was not trained in the symptoms being presented nor the testing needed.

It had taken six years, private scans and tests, now a private NHS trained consultant finally explained they were neither trained nor had the facilities to help find the symptoms presented.

About the same time as attending consultations, a very knowledgeable article posted online by a US journalist, detailed symptoms of elemental mercury poisoning. Realising that the symptoms mirrored about 130 of the symptoms being suffered, it was very likely that the symptoms were of ingested elemental mercury vapour from amalgams over a long period of time, in other words, a diagnosis of chronic elemental (now inorganic) mercury ingestion.

Having never had a problem with amalgams positioned in the mouth it was considered that this was likely to be part of the cause, but not all, and the high voltage being experienced in the oral cavity still had to be explained.

It was always clear to everyone that the new symptoms had commenced just days after the unconsented operation at The Royal Sussex County Hospital, furthermore, but it was becoming clearer that the metal poisoning may have been caused due to an unknown knock suffered to the face during that procedure where a dental restoration was loosened unknowingly, causing Oral-Electro galvanism which sped up the amalgam vapour ingestion in the oral cavity .

Knocks to the face are not rare during surgical operations, where the Royal College of Anaesthetists report that one in 4,500 people suffer with known dental accidents. This pdf provides useful information.

The Oral-Electro galvanism process is alleged to speed up at least 10 times or more, the normal amalgam vapour ingestion causing extraordinary levels of toxicity and symptoms, where I suffered similar symptoms.

You may like to read about the symptoms caused in the following blogs.

TOXIC HEALTH CO.UK. Doctor and patient

5. The Symptoms Suffered

5. List of symptoms suffered from head to toe, Oral-Electro Galvanism speed up Chronic Dental Ingestion including severe Elemental/Inorganic Mercury, Nickel and Palladium toxicity. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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\\\ Blood Tests

Environmental Metal Blood Testing

After further consultation with the chiropractor, with the suspicions that the patient was heavily metal poisoned, referrals were sought immediately for Environmental 16 metals blood tests to the CQC, London approved clinic, which within days, provided positive blood test results that mercury was indeed present in the bloodstream, at very high levels, as were other dental-related metals, nickel, manganese, cobalt. Selenium levels were recorded as very low, too low.

These were general metal blood tests identifying what had been suspected for sometime. Detoxification and chelation started immediately as ‘chronic metal toxicity’ due to the length of time that the patient had been suffering, now 7 years.

About Medical Thermal Diagnostic Imaging Scans

A series of head and neck medical thermal diagnostic imaging scans, were taken at each consultation session over a 3 year period. The scans taken with specially designed cameras and medical software packages designed for the medical profession by Flir ® advanced cameras, the global leaders. These scans proved to be an invaluable aid to support diagnosis and the chelation process, in this case, the oral cavity symptoms, but can be taken of all the body.

Recognised as a screening tool since 1987, widely used around the world, with increasing opportunities here in the UK, the blood pattern charting procedure is quick, efficient and most importantly, non-evasive.

No radiation, non-contact, no need for a doctor’s referral, and with a medical report provided by qualified doctors highlighting the areas of interest, assessing pain or inflammatory problems within days.

Medical diagnostic thermal imaging full-body scans can review the body from top to toe looking at issues and problems in major organs, nerves, arteries and muscles.

Several head and neck images were taken, providing imaging of the back, sides and front, at each session, and later, full-body imaging, pre-diagnosis, during treatment and post-diagnosis.

Reports are provided from a US dedicated and experienced clinic, highlighting suggested areas for further examination.

Even to the untrained eye, when viewing the four scans featured above, there is a considerable difference between the first image taken and the last.

Image 1 and 2 – The first image was above taken before diagnosis, chelation and corrective dental procedures.

Image 3 and 4 – Image 3 taken at the start of year two of chelation and the last image featured, taken at the end of year two into chelation, presenting improved blood circulation around the mouth, nose, ear areas. The cranial nerve area near and around the ears, particularly showing great improvement to the right-hand side of the face, where the crown restoration, a “problem” silver prong root canal treatment and amalgams all removed from the oral cavity.

Each and every image taken after the removal of the dental restoration, during what is now several years of the chelation process, presented marked improvement.

Sadly, the NHS have not exploited this non-evasive and relatively quick, efficient and cheap scanning process for UK patients.

Practitioners in the UK offering medical thermal imaging scans can be found online by simple search engine location enquiries.


Chiropractic consultations have been an invaluable care resource to help finding the diagnosis, by trained doctors who look with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ at the whole body and not just part. They operate as private healthcare clinicians, and you do not require a GP referral.

Their ability to refer patients for a wide range of tests, not being so constricted as those tests only offered and limited by the NHS, can help to aid a faster diagnosis. In this case, different types, for example of metal testing, which is further explained in the next post, ‘Tests and Scans’ which helped to support finding the root cause.

The use of Medical Thermal Imaging Scans throughout the diagnosis period was an invaluable and visual tool and highly recommended charting one’s progress particularly post diagnosis.

Posts are in numbered order for completeness. You now may like to next read post 9, Tests and Scans.

TOXIC HEALTH CO.UK. Blood being drawn from the arm for blood testing

9. Dental Toxicity Tests And Scans

9. Special blood tests and scans taken by the patient supported the Elemental (known also as Metallic, Quicksilver) Inorganic Mercury, Palladium, Nickel toxicity Chronic Dental Toxicity diagnosis. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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