Liquid mercury

23. Elemental, Inorganic And Organic Mercury Toxicity

23. Importance of being diagnosed correctly. Elemental, Inorganic or Organic Mercury Toxicity? Acute or Chronic Mercury Toxicity? Chelation processes differ. Read more. Toxic Health blog.

Liquid mercury

21. Toxicity Timeline

21. Toxic Health timeline featuring the posts pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post diagnosis. Severe Chronic Dental Ingestion, mercury, palladium and nickel toxicity sped up by Oral Electro Galvanism. Toxichealth Blog. Read more

Medical Thermal Imaging scan before diagnosis and treatment

8. Suffering From Toxicity Without Realising?

8. How a Chiropractor, Digital Medical Thermal Imaging Scans and Environmental Metal Blood testing aided diagnosis. Read more …

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7. Medical Complaint Organisations

7. The medical complaint procedures and organisations when things aren’t being put right. Read more.

Doctor and patient

5. The Symptoms Suffered

5. List of symptoms suffered from head to toe, Oral-Electro Galvanism speeding up Chronic Dental Ingestion including severe Mercury, Nickel and Palladium toxicity. Read more.


2. Medical Accident – NHS Patient Records

2. The NHS medical accident and poor medical record keeping led to the patient’s severe toxicity. Read more

Media news room

1. Selection of Media

1. Selected media topics covering mercury poisoning, the NHS and professional bodies – their performances over the past decade similar to those experienced by the patient. Read more.