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Mercury – Palladium – Nickel – Toxicity

A diagnosis was confirmed after 7 years of severe, declining, poor health that affected the whole body, with some symptoms very similar to Parkinson’s, MS, and Alzheimer’s.

The Diagnosis – Severe chronic dental ingestion caused by an unknown accident to the face, toxicity ingestion sped up by more than 10 times due to Oral-Electro galvanism.

This website is written by a real patient who has experienced dental elemental/inorganic life threatening mercury, palladium and nickel toxicity at the highest levels and explains how the poisoning has to be chelated, removed from the body, to regain health levels.

Please read posts in numbered order for completeness starting at 1.

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Latest posts

Surgical mask

24. Covid-19

24. Covid-19 brings new problems for the severely chronic dental ingested patient. Elemental/Inorganic mercury fails to allow drugs absorb in the ways they should work bringing new challenges.

PERIODIC TABLE - mercury symbol

22. Acute or Chronic Mercury Toxicity

22. Importance of being diagnosed correctly. Acute or Chronic Mercury Toxicity? Chelation processes differ. Read more. Toxic Health blog.

Liquid mercury

21. Toxicity Timeline

21. Toxic Health timeline featuring pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post diagnosis posts. Severe Chronic Dental Ingestion, elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium and nickel toxicity sped up by Oral Electro Galvanism. Toxic Health Blog. Read more

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20. Toxicity Videos

20. The chilling videos presenting factual overview of the use of mercury in our dental industry. Read more.

medic on computer

19. Oral-Electro Galvanism Symptoms

19. How Oral-Electro galvanism effects the human, symptoms caused, including use of physical everyday electro items such as laptops and mobile phones. What NHS clinicians should have done. Read more

Nutritional supplements

18. The Use Of Supplements

18. Importance of supplements during chelation in recovery from severe chronic dental ingestion toxicity. Use of supplements in addition to raw natural foods. Read more.

Glass of water

17. Continuing Chelation – Food And Drink

17. Additional food and beverage changes made to the Elemental/Inorganic Mercury, Nickel and Palladium chelation programme. Read more.

Bathroom cabinet with toxicity risks

16. Chelating

16. Removing use of personal products and awareness of environmental toxins lead to a more successful elemental/inorganic mercury, nickel and palladium chelation. Read more.

Organic fruit and vegetables

15. Chelating With Foods

15. Chelating. About foods, Glutathione Diet, Oxalate Diet, hot drinks, Brazil nuts, selenium, Vitamin C, raw organic foods. Read more.

Chlorella powder

14. Chlorella

14. How the superfood chlorella with coriander help to emit toxins including mercury from the body. Chelating. Read more.

chelation banner

13. Chelation Therapy

13. Chelation. The explanation of chelation and the start of how to remove Mercury, Palladium and NIckel successfully from the body. Read more.

Diagnosis sign

12. The Diagnosis

12. The Diagnosis – Severe chronic dental ingestion sped up by Oral-Electro galvanism. 7 things to know on the day of diagnosis and 3 ways to prevent further toxicity. Read more.

Liquid mercury being drilled into

11. Mercury Videos

11. Film about Dental Mercury’s Toxic Journey into The Environment. Nobody can be left in doubt about the destruction dental mercury causes. Read more.

Dentist and patient examination

10. Holistic Dentists

10. How holistic dentists remove elemental mercury ‘silver’ amalgam fillings, procedures and after-care, helping to reduce Oral-Electro Galvanism and severe toxicity. Read more.

Blood being drawn from the arm for test

9. Tests And Scans

9. Special blood tests and scans taken by the patient supported the Elemental (known also as Metallic, Quicksilver) Inorganic Mercury, Palladium, Nickel toxicity diagnosis. Read more.

Medical Thermal Imaging scan before diagnosis and treatment

8. Chiropractic And Medical Scans

8. How a Chiropractor, Digital Medical Thermal Imaging Scans and Environmental Metal Blood testing aided diagnosis. Read more …

Care Quality Commission logo

7. Medical Complaints

7. The medical complaint procedures and organisations when things aren’t being put right of failed health care. Read more.

Eczema hand dry and cracking

6. Chronic Dental Ingestion Causing Eczema

6. Eczema caused by severe chronic dental ingestion including Elemental/Inorganic Mercury, Palladium and Nickel toxicity. Read more.

Doctor and patient

5. The Symptoms Suffered

5. List of symptoms suffered from head to toe, Oral-Electro Galvanism speeding up Chronic Dental Ingestion including severe Elemental/Inorganic Mercury, Nickel and Palladium toxicity. Read more.

patient with pain symptoms

4. Symptoms By Year

4. How some of the many symptoms suffered affected everyday life, detailed, listed year by year. Read more.

Liquid mercury

3. About The Symptoms

3. Why the NHS failed to recognise symptoms presented and a general symptom list of mercury toxicity. Read more

Media news room

1. Media

1. Selected media covering mercury poisoning, Covid-19, the NHS and professional bodies, their performances over the past decade similar to those experienced by the patient. Read more.

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