The Symptoms Suffered

Doctor and patient

The extraordinary long list of symptoms suffered before diagnosis – Post 5

sore head when touched in several places particularly back of the head

severe pressure headaches

unexplained sounds of “flashes” near to ears

clenched mouth

burning of the eyelids

stinging of the eyelids

jaw joint dysfunction

metallic taste in the mouth

poor concentration levels

profound extreme fatigue

increased salivation and hypersalivation

colour of teeth noticeably discolouring

fuzzy back pain

tingling hands

shaking trembling hands

bloated eyes

temperature dysfunction

temporary loss of vision




lack of motivation

difficulty finding words

inability to concentrate


sagging of the face and eyelids on one side of the face

facial tingling on one side of the face

neuralgia, brain fog


spinning head when trying to sleep

abnormal body reaction to temperature

“snakes pricking stabbing feeling crawling overhead”

memory recall

involuntary eye movements

seeing black spots/swords/hollows

loss of singing voice

unnaturally high electro voltage currents in the oral cavity

pain when using high powered electro current devices and wifi

vibrating nerves when holding mobile phones

difficulty sleeping


frequent nocturnal urination

poor grammar construction to sentences

boils and spots

eczema unexplained rashes and skin irritations

eczema allergy when submerged in the swimming pool

swelling fluid retention and severe itching




poor focusing

dry hair

hoarse voice

heavy eyelids

coarse-looking face

tartar around the teeth

puffy face

tight throat

neck pain

front shoulder pain

back shoulder pain

mid back pain

loss of underarm hair

low lumber pain

tingling sparkly feeling under armpits

fluttering tummy

pain low abdomen

chest pains

difficulty breathing

tight diaphragm

alcohol intolerance

profound exhaustion


dry thin nail

very scabby cuticles

tingling hands

tingling fingertips

unexplained changes in tops of legs and tummy weight gain

tingling of the pubic region and underarms

painful tight legs

the frequent expelling of air

excessive joint stiffness

very sore aching knees

unable to kneel

feels like one’s knees are constantly walking again a metal rod

unreliability of knees

trips and falls

strained calves

unable to run

swelling of feet

puffy ankles

vibrating nerves in feet

burst toe blood vessels

big toenail discolouring,

dropped arches

shooting pains downside of big toes

triple growth of nails

damaged nerves from constant shooting pains

restless legs

sore aching feet

slow reflexes

painful calluses

foot rotating inwards

hearing loss

thinning of eyebrows

hair falling out

poor balance

swelling of the throat

night sweats

unexplained changes in weight

lack of confidence

loss of energy

loss of libido

tummy water retention

urgent need to urinate

unexplained spots around the body

sleep deprivation and early waking

pains in hands wrists and elbows

arthritic type pains

formation of fluid lumps on wrist and ankles

loss of co-ordination

jerks day and night

muscle jolts

tremors ticks and twitches

cracking bone sounds

crossing limb creating nerve vibrations

pain at the back of calves

vibrating nerves in calves


It is advisable to read posts in numerical order. You may like to read Post 4. details about mercury related symptoms if you haven’t read this and also Post3.

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