24. Dental Toxicity and Covid-19

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Covid-19 bought new health concerns to the severely chronic dental ingested patient

How Does Covid-19 Affect Humans Suffering Severe Dental Ingestion Toxicity?

Elemental/Inorganic Mercury Toxicity – Palladium – Nickel Toxicity

Having suffered extremely high levels of elemental/inorganic mercury, nickel, and palladium toxicity for more than 11 years, March 2020, saw the UK under a new experience of ‘lockdown’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic bringing new challenges to the poisoned patient.


Lockdowns were imposed on the general public where the government introduced Laws and Rules to keep the public at home, wherever possible, whilst Covid-19 raged across the UK.

The first lockdown saw the majority of the public staying at home, only leaving for daily exercise or if they needed to food shop for essentials during March and April 2020.

Wearing of masks became an essential piece of kit in a bid not to transmit the virus between people, as well as good handwashing and social distancing when outside, (keeping 2 metres apart).

To the chronically dental ingested patient, mandatory mask-wearing helped to additionally reduce toxins ingested from the atmosphere, minimising the additional ingested daily toxin intake, being less burden to the already heavily poisoned body.

This lockdown was initially difficult for the chronically dental ingested patient who had poor mobility, finding it difficult to walk the necessary distances to keep fit during just one daily outing that was allowed under the lockdown Rules. Due to the poor mobility, and the failure to be allowed to sit down on park benches when outside meant shorter distances were only achievable with inevitable weight gains.

By the time of the 2nd lockdown, during November 2020, more information was known worldwide about the various viral strains, and improvements in reporting information continued. This lockdown now allowed one to walk, exercising outside more frequently, which helped to combat some weight gain.

The third lockdown was announced during early January 2021, continuing until March 2021, and then slow and planned restrictions were lifted in the UK. By this time it was felt that there was considerable muscle loss due to fewer opportunities for mobility.

Covid-19 Vaccines v Toxicity

Autumn 2020, vaccines were developed by a number of drug companies globally, their testing underway and passing UK regulatory controls, The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, MHRA, late November 2020.

This now bought new questions to the chronically dental ingested patient where elemental/inorganic mercury had been resting in the bones for 7 years prior to diagnosis and high levels of elemental/ingested toxicity recorded in the bloodstream. Poisoned also with high levels of dental palladium and nickel along with a number of lesser metals, including gold.

A chelation period of 5 years helped aid recovery with some noticeable improvements, but the stubborn persistent elemental/inorganic mercury had taken up residence, resting deep into the patient’s bones, and still continues today, causing symptoms.

Chelation continues and is likely to be ongoing for 20 years if indeed, the toxicity is ever removed from the body. Without taking care by eating specialized diets and the chelating programme put in place, the symptoms start to reappear, worsening within just weeks.

Due to an accidental knock to the face, the loosening of dental restoration, constructed with many metals including palladium and gold, had the opportunity to mix with elemental mercury from 4 amalgam fillings located in the oral cavity, for 7 years with saliva, which contains sodium chloride – an electrolyte solution – and with other metals used in dentistry, located in the oral cavity.

The unknown knock to the face dislodged ever-so-slightly the dental restoration, not even noticeable to dentists during routine inspections.

The dislodgement allowed the act of Oral-Electro galvanism to occur, where it sped up the dangerous elemental mercury vapour ingestion, being recorded by more than 10 times, where leeching occurred from the elemental mercury fillings, (each amalgam filled tooth individually tested), that clearly made the patient inoperative to everyday life.

You can read more about Oral-Electro galvanism on our ‘Root Cause’ page.



Finding the Root Causes

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This now suggested that the patient who was getting sicker and sicker by the day had very high levels of other dental noble metals present in the bloodstream as well as dangerously high levels of elemental/inorganic mercury.

Specialised dental blood tests taken further indicated very high levels of palladium and nickel ingestion, and in descending order of levels of toxicity recorded –

  • Elemental/inorganic mercury
  • Palladium
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Indium
  • Platinum
  • Gallium
  • Silver
  • Iridium
  • Copper

These metals all being able to mix and make an inorganic mercury compound.

Also additionally Cobalt and Manganese*

*The inorganic mercury compound had the opportunity to mix with other metals tested in more general metal blood testing and additionally noted very high levels of cobalt and manganese in the bloodstream.

These are the known metals that were tested for, with other ‘unknowns’ that would always have been present.

Palladium toxicity is a problem. Clinicians globally admit they do not know how to chelate dental palladium hoping that it may act in a similar manner to elemental mercury chelation. This may not be the case as palladium which is contributed to causing visual symptoms, for example, especially around the eyes and eyelids, this still heavily persists as does a number of other palladium related symptoms without little signs of improvement over the years since diagnosis, with the elemental/inorganic mercury chelation put in place.

You can read more about Palladium on the Dental Poisoning page and about Oral-Electro Galvanism, Post 19


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Will A Covid-19 Vaccine Cause Side-Effects To The Dental Toxic Patient?

What Allergy’s Will Covid-19 Vaccines Cause?

Will a Vaccine Work?

The vaccine rollout, 2021, in the UK has been a huge task undertaken by the various devolved parliaments Public Health EnglandPublic Health WalesPublic Health Scotland and Public Health Northern Ireland, and the NHS with millions of the public, being inoculated in the hope to reduce the levels of the virus to a manageable health level for the NHS hospital staff and clinicians to cope with, helping patients recover allowing normal human interaction as possible, so that the population and country can return to ‘normal’ everyday life.

Leaflets explaining vaccinations were sent to everyone at their homes in vulnerability and age-related order, with an accompanying letter, as the vaccine rollout commenced.

The leaflet ‘A guide for older patients’ contains helpful information. It explains that the vaccination will be offered to adults including those with certain medical conditions. It states that ‘whether you are offered the vaccine may depend on the severity of your condition’. Chronic severe elemental/inorganic dental ingestion is not listed.

The leaflet continues to explain that there are a number of people who are at risk. Severe elemental/inorganic chronic dental ingestion is not listed.

It provides further information with FAQ-style questions and indicates side effects could be helped by taking paracetamol.

Elemental/inorganic mercury ingested is notorious for not allowing other drugs to work effectively in the body, not allowing them to be absorbed into the body, and work the way they should.

It is noted in the general information supplied by the NHS organisations when having a vaccine, state that ‘If side effects such as pain and/or fever are troublesome, medicines containing paracetamol can be taken.

The failure of paracetamol to work effectively in the toxic patient was re-confirmed in 2019, when the patient fractured two bones and the drugs offered, initially paracetamol, by the NHS A&E unit, for pain relief, failed to work in the way they were designed. The NHS A&E response was simply to use much stronger pain relief and this still failed to absorb fully into the bloodstream and work effectively.

Since March 2020, the public has been asked to take great care with additional handwashing, many organisations offering the use of sanitisers when visiting their retail or service outlets. Unfortunately, the alcohol base and suggestive Sodium Chloride provides the patient with severe eczema, allowing only one use a day to avoid rashes and 24-hour itching of the hands.

TOXIC HEALTH co uk - Toxicity reaction with hand sanitisers

The image presents the problems of handwashing for 20 seconds once a day with an antibacterial sanitizer, suggestive to be the inclusion of Sodium Chloride mixing with the existing known toxicity of elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium, and nickel in the body.

Intense scratching and itching persist for hours. Eventually, the redness will fade, only to start the whole process again the next day when washing hands with an antibacterial solution.

More information on the ‘Chronic Dental Ingestion Causing Ezcema page, Post 6.

Milder soaps have had to be used very frequently whilst at home, kinder to the hands and where the ingredients fail to cause the reactions that alcohol-based substances have when mixing with the toxic metal, seeping through the body skin into the bloodstream. It’s unfortunate but proof that toxicity still remains persistently in the body.

Medipics have already written and discussed the problems of swimming in chlorinated public swimming pools which causes a visual mercuric chloride reaction, leaving skin damaged coupled with the well-known typical burning throat and the horrendous monkey-like scratching symptoms, being key symptoms of a severe reaction between the dangerous mercury and chlorine, suggestive of ‘Pink Disease’.

Chlorine is noted in medical documents to be one of the worst compounds to mix with mercury. (Read more Post 6 – Eczema).

This provides further visual evidence of how various substances react when mixing and disbursed into the patient’s elemental/inorganic mercury toxic body.

It’s still unclear how, and if palladium reacts with such substances and may be partly responsible due to the global medical profession knowing very little about the metal which was not encouraged and banned in dentistry by other countries since the early 1990s. The UK dental profession still uses palladium. More information about Palladium on the page, ‘Dental Poisoning‘.

As already stated throughout these website posts, the NHS General Medicine, GP, and secondary care have never been trained to recognise the symptoms of dental elemental/inorganic mercury toxicity including A&E departments, GP surgeries, Oral & Maxillofacial Clinics when presented by a patient, unless the patient knows they have had an accident with a substance, (such as swallowing an amalgam), despite clearly being identified as a disease for more than 150 years, and acknowledged as a dental disease by Public Health England.

Clinicians when consulted for symptoms of elemental/inorganic mercury and other metal poisonings, should according to their various professional associations who abide by the GMC standards, ensure the patient is made aware of their name and clinical position, record all symptoms presented in full, inform the patient if they do not recognise all the symptoms being presented, and inform the patient they may not be in a position to provide a diagnosis for the symptoms being presented. Failure to do this would not provide an accurate and timely diagnosis or a suitable treatment plan for the toxic patient.

2009 to 2018, the engaged NHS staff have never followed and practiced these professional standards and can be traced as adding to the toxicity suffered by the patient.

Due to the failings of the NHS, it is imperative to seek out a specialist, such as a medic with toxicology, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals background, that can help to answer the questions surrounding the suitability of the vaccines that the NHS are offering the public, what side effects they pose, and efficiency for the chronic dental toxicity patient, whilst the patient continues to keep the immune system as high as possible, following the past five years successful chelation programme.

Covid-19 has been a global health challenge and 2021 has seen much information and data being shared to find the best solutions, with variant after variant becoming the dominant virus, with differing characteristics.

What’s In The Vaccines Being Offered To The UK Public?

Various websites are providing information including the NHS which directs to the government site, that provides – ‘The List Of Contents Of The Pack – Section 6’ detailing the three vaccines being used in the UK, 2021.

Do not have the vaccine:

  • If you are allergic to any of the active substances or any of the other ingredients listed in section 6.

Questions raised

  1. What is the efficiency of the vaccine for the severely chronic dental poisoned patient (elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium, and nickel – highest toxicity levels + other metals ).
  2. What are the side effects of having a vaccine?


The patient has spent the last 5 years reducing as many toxins out the body to aid recovery, costing many thousands of British pounds without the help of the untrained NHS, putting right their mistakes, and is now being asked by the NHS to be vaccinated with further toxins where they cannot provide the necessary answers to patient questions raised.


Allergies are already known of substances which may be included Covid-19 vaccine ingredients –

  • Alcoholic drinks are known globally not to disburse in the body in the way it should, when inorganic mercury poisoned, causing reactions and allergies, generally being linked to sulphite allergies. This is discussed by a number of health journalists and article posted at NCBI provides a clearer statement articles/PMC3253456/ explaining how ‘On entry to the body, mercury vapor has great affinity for sulfhydryl groups and bonds to sulfur-containing amino acids throughout the body. Mercury vapor is transported to the brain [16],
  • Alcohol type strong substances contained in hand sanitizers cause allergies after just one washing session, generally being attributed to Sodium Chloride.
  • Chlorine is already known as one of the worst compounds when mixed with elemental/ inorganic mercury and the patient has experienced side effects and allergies associated with mercuric chloride when swimming suggestive of ‘Pink Disease’. The NCBI articles/PMC3253456/ details information, 3.1.2. Mercurous (Hg2  ++) Mercury. (See post 6).

Palladium – it is important to remember that global organisations admit that they do not know enough about dental palladium toxicity and its side effects in the body, even unable to offer a recognised chelation procedure, and shouldn’t be ignored.


Elemental mercury/Inorganic mercury is renowned globally for not allowing other drugs to work in the way they were designed to in the bloodstream, to absorb correctly, or not at all, making them ineffective, possibly causing new symptoms.

Perhaps this is the bigger question as to whether a vaccine will actually disperse correctly into the bloodstream and work the way it was designed to work when recovering from elemental/inorganic toxicity, palladium, and nickel toxicity.

What will the additional toxins do to the body, how will they react with the existing toxicity, and what further new symptoms will be caused? Will the vaccine help those people around the patient to be safer and by how much?

A patient should have answers to questions raised to be able to make an informed decision.

The Daily Telegraph posted information about Covid-19 sufferers – ‘Vulnerable given little protection with single dose’. Laura Donnelly, Health Editor. 11 July 2021.

Liquid aspirin may relieve worst effects of Covid article in the Sunday Times 2 May 2021 explain tests are underway to establish whether liquid aspirin may help early symptoms of positive Covid-19 sufferers.

The Guardian posted information about Covid-19 Covid: chemicals found in everyday products could hinder vaccine written by Oliver Milman, 17 November 2020 and also covered by a number of other national newspapers.

The NHS Covid website provides useful information.

This post is ongoing.

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