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Surgical mask


Covid-19 And Inorganic Mercury

Surgical mask
Surgical Mask

Covid-19 bought new health concerns to the severely chronic dental ingested patient.

Having suffered with high levels of elemental/inorganic mercury, nickel and palladium toxicity for more than 11 years, March 2020, saw the UK under a new experience of ‘lockdown’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic bringing new challenges to the poisoned patient.

Wearing of masks became an essential piece of kit in a bid not to transmit the virus between people as well good-handwashing and social distancing. To the chronically dental ingested patient, mandatory mask wearing helped to additionally reduce toxins ingested from the atmosphere, minimising additonal ingested toxin intake.

By Autumn 2020 vaccines were developed by a number of drug companies globally, their testing underway and finally passing UK regulatory controls late November 2020.

This now bought new questions to the chronically dental ingested patient where elemental/inorganic mercury had been resting in the bones for 7 years prior to diagnosis and high levels of elemental/ingested toxicity recorded in the blood stream. A further chelation period of 4 years has helped aid recovery with some noticeable improvements but the stubborn persistent elemental/inorganic mercury had taken up residence deep into the patients bones and it still continues today to cause symptoms such as pain, poor bone health, and huge mobility problems. Chelation continues and is likely to be ongoing for up to 20 years, if indeed, the toxicity is ever removed from the body.

Elemental mercury from 4 amalgam fillings was very likely to have been able to mix for many years with saliva, containing sodium chloride – an electrolyte solution – and with other metals used in dentistry located in the oral cavity. This mixing of metals was due to an unknown knock of the face that dislodged a dental restoration ever-so slightly, not even noticeable to dentists during routine inspections. The dislodgment allowed the act of Oral-Electro galvanism to occur, where it sped up elemental mercury vapour ingestion dangerously, being recorded by more than 10 times, making the patient inoperative. You can read more about Oral-Electro galvanism in our ‘Root Cause’ page.

This now suggested that the patient who was getting sicker and sicker very quickly had very high levels of other dental noble metals present in the blood stream including dangerously high levels of elemental/inorganic mercury, which specialised dental blood tests indicated were palladium and nickel, and with, in descending order of levels of toxicity recorded – gold, indium, platinum, gallium, silver, iridium, copper. These metals all being able to mix and make an inorganic mercury compound.

The inorganic mercury compound also had the opportunity to mix with other metals tested in more general metal blood testing and included very high levels of cobalt and manganese.

These are the known metals that were tested for, with other ‘unknowns’ that could be always have been present.

The vaccine rollout, 2021, in the UK has been a huge task undertaken by Public Health and The NHS with millions of the public being inoculated in the hope to reduce the levels of the virus to a manageable level for as near normal human interaction as possible so that the population and country can return to ‘normal’ everyday life.

Leaflets being sent to everyone with an accompanying letter as the vaccine rollout continues according to the most vulnerable patients first.

The leaflet ‘A guide for older patients’ contains helpful information. It explains that the vaccination will be offered to adults including those with certain medical conditions. It states that ‘whether you are offered the vaccine may depend on the severity of your condition’. Chronic severe elemental/inorganic dental ingestion is not listed.

The leaflet continues to explain that there are a number of people who are at risk. Severe elemental/inorganic chronic dental ingestion is not listed.

It provides further information with FAQ style questions and indicates side effects could be helped by taking paracetamol.

Elemental/inorganic mercury ingested is notorious for not allowing other drugs to work effectively, not allowing them to be absorbed into the body and work the way they should. This was true last year when the patient fractured two bones and the drugs offered, initally paracetemol, by the NHS A&E unit for pain relief, failed to work. The NHS A&E response was simply to use a much stronger pain relief and this still failed to absorb into the blood stream and work effectively.

Since March 2020, the public have been asked to take great care handwashing and the use of santisers available when vistiting outlets. Unfortunately, the strong alcohol base provides the patient with severe ezcema, allowing only one use a day to avoid rashes and 24 hour itching of the hands. Milder soaps have had to be used very frequently, kinder to the hands and where the ingredients fail to cause the reactions that alcohol based substances when mixing with the toxic metal having seeped through the skin into the blood stream. Plastic gloves are worn when visiting outlets as prevention.

We’ve already written about the problems of swimming in chlorinated public swimming pools which causes a visual mercuric chloride reaction leaving skin damaged and typical burning throat and scratching symptoms (Post 6 – Ezcema). This provides further visual evidence of how various substances react when seeping into the patients elemental/inorganic mercury toxic blood stream and mixing with it.

As already stated throughout these website posts, the NHS primary and secondary care have never been trained to recognise the symptoms nor can legally diagnose elemental mercury/inorganic mercury caused by accidentally severe chronic dental ingestion, so it is imperative to seek out a specialist such as a medic with a pharmaceuticals and chemicals background that can help to answer the questions surrounding the suitability of the vaccine and side effects that may occur for a patient that is severely chronically posioned.

This post is ongoing.

Posts are written in historical numbered order of pre-diagnosis symptoms – diagnosis and post diagnosis care. It is advisable to read in numerical order.

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