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What Does Chelation Mean?

Chelation therapy is a medical procedure that involves the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. It binds with metal in the body so that the metal loses its chemical effect.

Chelation is often a term applied to the removal of mercury and lead.


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13. Chelation Therapy

13. Chelation. The explanation of chelation and the start of how to remove Elemental / Inorganic Mercury, Palladium and NIckel successfully from the body. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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How Do You Chelate For Elemental/Inorganic Mercury – Palladium – Nickel Toxicity?

The 2- step process to help prevent further toxicity


Severe chronic dental ingestion is likely to be caused by a problematic dental inclusion of one or more dental fittings. It is finding that problem and removing it safely under holistic guidelines that can help reduce the ingestion of dental toxic vapour.


Chelation is crucial to help remove as much metal toxicity from the body as possible. The patient is in control, eating and drinking the right foods to help speed up the chelation process to remove the toxic metals that have been identified.

Do You Use Chemicals Or Foods?

In this particular chronic toxicity, where the dangerous and life-threatening inorganic mercury had more than 7 years to not just deposit in organs and tissues but deep into the bones, chelation would be a long process, taking many years to remove the toxicity, this process did not use chemical compounds but the removal of mixed metals from the oral cavity known to be the cause of the toxicity, and the use of minerals from the best consumption of foods with additional supplement support.

Margaret Sears wrote for The Scientific World Journal, 2013, an interesting paper, an NCBI resource

“Overall, during chelation therapy mobilization must equal excretion, so adequate hydration and bowel regularity are essential. A variety of products may assist in interrupting enterohepatic recirculation of toxicants.

Pharmaceutical chelating agents may also be considered, to assist with mobilization and excretion.

“Chelating agents will mobilize the most readily available metals first. Oral supplementation including additional minerals and vitamins are essential to aid recovery”.


It is those minerals and vitamins identified, that help the chelation process that was greatly consumed, whilst other minerals and vitamins were reduced or omitted from the diet.

The first food Chlorella has already been explained in Post 14 and its beneficial use as a chelator.

Chlorella explained in Post 14 and it’s beneficial use as a chelator.

Chelating With Foods Explained

Part 2 to 5 – The Essential Glutathione Diet – The Oxalate Diet – Hot Beverages – Brazil Nuts

2. The Essential Gluthione Diet

“Glutathione is one of the body’s most important and potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidative stress by combating free radicals in the body. Maintaining levels in your body is extremely important.” Healthline.com


Any glutathione deficiency greatly reduces the ability to detoxify. It was imperative when suffering toxicity to follow.

The glutathione-led chronic elemental/inorganic mercury dental ingestion chelation daily diet included consuming every day –

  • 2 organic free-range eggs
  • 1-3 raw organic garlic cloves
  • 1 raw organic onion
  • 1 raw organic fresh beetroot
  • 1 raw organic bell pepper
  • Slices of organic root ginger
  • 1 organic orange
  • 100gms of raw fresh meat* 

* 100 gm fresh organic red meatballs were purchased daily and eaten raw, as discussed with the chiropractor about best ways to achieve a glutathione level. The addition was helpful to strengthen weak bones caused by severe mercury toxicity. However, it elevated other mineral levels in the body, such as cobalt, when consumed over a period of time.

The meat consumption was stopped after 6 months and replaced with two portions of no more than 100 gms of organic beefsteak a week and a small portion of chicken.

Meat consumption has dropped even further over the chelation programme. Red and white meat does have mineral benefits, such as selenium and magnesium, so dropping the amount eaten needed during the chelation process, has to be increased by other food consumption rich in these minerals.

Now into the sixth year of chelation, this diet is still followed by consuming at least 3 of the items listed above daily, and a fresh organic orange which provides approximately 60-70% natural Vitamin C recommended value daily intake.

Vitamin C intake is highly recommended to help aid recovery. It is discussed in almost every medical paper that’s produced about mercury toxicity.

For additional Vitamin C support, Sambucol Black Elderberry liquid Vitamin C and Zinc was taken. You can read more about taking this product and other supplements in, ‘The Use of Supplements’ post.


TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Supplements and fruit and vegetables

18. The Use Of Supplements

18. Importance of the use of supplements during chelation in recovery from severe chronic dental ingestion toxicity. Use of supplements in addition to raw natural organic foods. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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3. The Oxalate Diet – The foods to avoid when poisoned

Louisa L. William an authoritative highly respected doctor and journalist have written an extraordinary book called ‘Radical Medicine’ providing an insight to further use of the Oxalate diet removing foods from the organic diet when one is suffering from mercury toxicity. 

The foods to be avoided noted as ~ Spinach, Peanuts, Lemon Peel, Rhubarb, Parsley, Pokeweed, Chocolate, Leeks, Okra, Soy Protein, Lime Peel, Swiss Chard, Sweet Potatoes, Black Pepper, Instant coffee, Tea, Wheat germ. 

These foods bind with mercury, lead, and other heavy metals and deposit them in tissues where they can’t be easily be removed from the system. If you are already in chelation, there’s little point in consuming these foods to just redeposit them back into the bones.

This information was not available until the third year into the chelation programme and the diet was immediately adjusted immediately, even now, at the close of the fifth year of chelation, these foods have been removed from the daily diet.

4. Coffee Tea Soups Water – and other hot drinks

Sadly, I was not informed on day one of diagnosis and chelation to remove hot beverages from the diet until the amalgams (aka mercury fillings) had been safely removed from the mouth.

This is important because the effects of high temperatures in the mouth may cause additional vapour toxic ingestion, chronic dental ingestion.

In my case, this was proven by dental tests indicating higher levels of leeching elemental mercury from the amalgam fillings in the oral cavity. You can read more about leeching and other tests, Post 10. Holistic Dentists.


TOXIC HEALTH CO.UK. Patients mouth being examined by a dentist

10. Holistic Dentists

10. How holistic dentists remove elemental mercury ‘silver’ amalgam fillings, procedures and after-care, helping to reduce Oral-Electro galvanism and severe toxicity. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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When dental works removing a number of mixed metals from the mouth were completed, weak herbal tea was introduced, drinking a cup or two a day.

Fresh ground coffee (not instant coffee) was reintroduced after two years. There is great controversy about the health benefits of drinking coffee, so drinking no more than two fresh cups of coffee a day currently.

Organic plant-based soups were consumed after the amalgam (aka elemental mercury fillings) had been removed from the mouth.

Water consumption had been considerably increased to ensure that the body was being regularly ‘flushed out’ and remained so. One of the tests, the macroscopic urinalysis monitors the visual colour of urine. Despite significant increases in daily water consumption, it took more than a year of the chelation diet to restore the visual colour back to normal healthy human levels.

To the patient, this was true, a quite astonishing length of time it took to correct and perhaps indicated how serious the toxicity had become affecting all parts of the body organs. Post 17. Continuing Chelation provides more information.


5. Organic Brazil Nuts

To the average person in the UK, they may not realise how beneficial brazil nuts truly are to humans. Full of selenium, organic nuts were consumed on the first day of diagnosis, and have been since.

  • Selenium is known to help ‘pick out’ mercury from the bones and deposit it into the blood stream, similar to the chlorella and coriander process.
  • Selenium is also well known for it’s importance in protecting the thyroid and ensuring it works effectively.

When one is poisoned with elemental/inorganic mercury, selenium is so important to be consumed daily if levels are low. Selenium is also highly recommended when palladium toxicity levels are evident, as they were, in this case.

Selenium levels were recorded far too low in blood tests taken pre-diagnosis, at the time of diagnosis, and for a period during post-diagnosis and chelation.

When diagnosed, one of the biggest concerns is that the thyroid was functioning normally, helping to protect the body for all its important functions. The thyroid is situated so close to the oral cavity that it can become very easily diseased with elemental/inorganic mercury vapour and other metal toxicity. In my case, a huge boost was required very quickly to restore average public range levels.

“Brazil nuts are by far one of the best food sources of selenium, an important chelator that research shows can help the body rid itself of heavy metals, especially mercury.” Dr. Draxe.com

Selenium is known to help ‘pick out’ mercury from resting in the bones and deposit the mercury into the bloodstream for excretion.

Not only is selenium required for the mercury chelation purpose, but the selenium mineral is particularly important for the conversion of thyroid hormone, from T4 to T3. It is needed to make glutathione in the body, important for heavy metal detoxification. 

Selenium helps to detoxify mercury, silver, cadmium, arsenic, and beryllium out of the body. There’s appears to be little information available if this is effective for helping to detoxify palladium which was evident in test results in my case, at high toxicity levels in the body.


The size of an organic nut can vary and very large organic nuts are generally about 100% of the required Daily Recommended Intake value required to one’s diet.

8-9 organic brazil nuts were consumed immediately, on the day of diagnosis, and continued to be consumed daily at this rate for a couple of weeks.

The quantity consumed was reduced to about 4-5 organic brazil nuts daily after two weeks. 

Environmental 16 Metals blood test results, taken a few weeks later, provided evidence that this had helped stabilise selenium back to the average public range, albeit, a very low range.

This test provided evidence of how this was not going to be a ‘quick fix’ situation and where important additional selenium was going to have to be consumed for a long period of time to help the body stay healthy whilst chelating.

After 3 months, 3-4 organic brazil nuts continued to be consumed daily, half a nut taken at regular intervals during the day on an empty stomach. This was then reduced to 2-3 by the end of year 1 of chelation. By the end of year 2, this had further been reduced to 1 large nut or 1.5 smaller brazil nuts, with other foods being consumed supporting the amount of selenium required daily.

The nut was never taken whole, but in bite sizes throughout the day. This meant that your body was continually being protected throughout the day and continually chelating mercury from the bones.

In the fifth year of chelation, 1 nut was still consumed, sometimes whilst using the chelating product chlorella was increased to 1.5 or even 2 nuts, and other times is replaced with the Solgar brand of selenium supplements available through quality health store outlets. 

There appears to be no scientific evidence that tests have been carried out checking whether the brazil nut works in the same way as the method of using chlorella with coriander leaves to help flush mercury out of the body. However, it’s abundantly clear that it helps me, but there is no scientific way to measure this currently as to how much mercury is remaining in the bones/being removed.

There is medical evidence that prolonged periods of consumption of organic brazil nuts can lead to toxicity, the reason why selenium supplements were introduced and spasmodically used in accordance with the instructions provided by Solgar, a mid-priced quality brand available in the UK from a number of outlets, and for completeness, where any other supplements being used were also purchased from Solgar.

Supplements can vastly range in pricing and quality. It is a good idea to research well before purchasing and only buy from a trusted source.

Other foods have high values of selenium such as red and white meats but they simply do not compare in daily recommended intake values to our humble brazil nut, and particularly with the move to more sustainable farming of foods, reducing meats from the human diet.

About Raw Organic Food

It is important to switch to the very best food one can afford to achieve maximum chelation results.

Eating organic fruit and vegetables, mostly raw, improved health, where food had been grown without the use of fertilisers and chemicals.

It is important to look for products packaged on the site where they have been grown, where they cover the foods before any transportation. Our global transportation of foods adds considerable toxins to our foods. Some organisations report that it can be as high as the actual growth of the product where fertilisers and chemicals have been used, so there is little point to pay premium prices for organic foods where no care has been taken to cover the foods prior to transportation.

Eating a high percentage of the diet raw provides maximum nutritious value without cooking. This is easier to consume and achieve higher levels in warmer weather where winter sees one requiring warmer food to cook and eat. It’s quite extraordinary how used one can get to eating fruit and vegetables raw that one has consumed all one’s life baked, roasted, saute, braised, grilled, or fried! No microwaved is ever consumed.

“It’s important to try and consume maximum nutrients from daily food intake in favour of consuming lots of additional supplement pills during the chelation process.”


The Soil Association® is one of several websites offering excellent advice about organic living and foods. The Charity has a wholly-owned subsidiary Soil Association Certification Limited, the UK’s largest organic certification body. This is run as a ‘not for profit company’ that, as well as helping to deliver parts of Charity’s strategy, also generates financial returns that are ploughed back into Charity’s wider work.

The Soil Association provides a black and white distinctive organic registered certification mark is the most widely recognised in the UK and appears on over 70% of all organic products. You’ll notice it stamped on thousands of products in shops.

Purchasing organic food is relatively simple from reputable UK outlets who provide detailed growers information, who control their products from growth with their own suppliers, through the picking, packaging, transportation, and dispatch in the UK.

There are now more organisations that seem to be growing by the day due to global sustainability issues that can help the new organic eater to buy the best produce, such as Foundation Earth, Marine Stewardship Council, Leaf.

There are considerable differences between the quality of organic foods being offered and prices between stores but found that weekly shopping ‘Duchy’ range at Waitrose and Partners provided a guaranteed, quality product with longevity which worked out to be value for money, for the price paid overall. 

Excluded from the diet were any foods sold in metal tins, and silver foil containers; avoided those wrapped in plastics only purchasing those using BPF free plastic.

A lunchbox of raw organic foods was prepared when going out to avoid purchasing shop-bought products. This continued for years to avoid buying shop-bought produce.

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