12. The Toxicity Diagnosis

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\\\ Diagnosis

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\\\ Diagnosis \\\ Posts 8 – 12 \\\ This is Post 12 The Toxicity Diagnosis

The Diagnosis

7 Things To Know For A Successful Chronic Dental Ingestion Chelation

– Post 12

Having numerous results available of medical scans and tests, the many symptoms recorded over 7 years, and online researched information including access to professional medical papers, the diagnosis was finally delivered.

The Diagnosis

Poisoning by ingesting dental metal vapour including very high levels of elemental mercury (converts to inorganic mercury), palladium and nickel, likely to have been caused by an unknown accidental knock to the face, which sped up the process of Oral-Electro galvanism over a period of time

2 important actions necessary to regain health levels


Remove mixed metals from the oral cavity


Chelate the body, the method of removing certain heavy metals from the bloodstream

Chelation is the method of removing certain heavy metals from the bloodstream used especially in treating lead or mercury poisoning.

Post 10, the previous post, examines step 1, removal of metals from the oral cavity by trained holistic dentists

The previous post 10 explains holistic dentists the removal of toxic dental material

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10. Holistic Dentists

10. How holistic dentists remove elemental mercury ‘silver’ amalgam fillings, procedures and after-care, helping to reduce Oral-Electro galvanism and severe toxicity. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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Step 2, is all about the long process of chelating the metals from the body.

There are 7 key issues which can help minimise the risk of further toxic ingestion whilst aiding the removal of the ingested metal vapours.

Posts 12 to 19 examines the chelation process in more detail.

On the day of diagnosis, known preventative measures were put in place.

With so few trained UK clinicians, and so much more information that became available during the chelation period, other measures could have been put in place on day one of diagnosis which would have helped speed up recovery.


\\\ Chelation

7 things to know on the first day of diagnosis for a successful chelation

This is a short summary of what is considered that NHS clinicians should have explained to the patient, but where they have little or no knowledge.

This is what the patient considers should have been known and needed to be actioned for a successful chelation process, on the day of diagnosis.

  • Removals of amalgams and other mixed metal dental material.
  • Materials replaced with bio compatible by a holistic trained dentist minimising further toxicity ingestion, as explained, Post 10.
  • The use of chlorella and organic coriander during chelation.
  • The importance of following a glutathione diet.
  • The importance of the oxalate diet. 
  • Removal of coffee, tea, soups, and other hot drinks prior to removal of amalgams from the diet.
  • The importance of consuming the best food, preferably organic, minimising foods reliant grown with on fertilisers, chemicals, and pesticides.
  • Saunas. 

Chlorella and organic coriander consumption were not put in place until nearly two years after diagnosis and this invaluable method of chelation remains so today, now into the sixth year of chelation since amalgams were removed. The chlorella and organic coriander procedure examined in post 14, being heavily discussed in medical papers.

Glutathione Diet was put in place 6 weeks after diagnosis and still remains so today.

Oxalate Diet was not put in place until the third year after diagnosis and remains so today.

Hot drinks and soups were not removed from the diet until 6 weeks after diagnosis and revised after the removal of amalgams and selected mixed metals.

Organic foods, minimising fertilisers, and pesticides consumption was put in place on the day of diagnosis and remain so today, helping not to overburden the body with toxins.

Saunas weren’t used immediately. There was early success and now used infrequently. This would have been highly beneficial from day one of the start of the chelation process.

The next 7 posts explain the chelation methods in more detail

\\\ Prevention of Toxins

3 ways to prevent further toxins from entering the body 

How to prevent further toxin poisoning

  • Controlling foods and drinks entering the body.
  • Controlling things that are put on and next to the body.
  • Controlling the environment that surrounds the body, home and work especially.

No UK GP or NHS clinician is currently trained to provide this information to a patient for accidental chronic dental ingestion sped up by a second disease, Oral-Electro galvanism.

Information about best chelation methods had to be acquired through private medical consultations and medical research papers.

Prevention of further toxicity being ingested (and resting in the bones), will help to speed up the chelation process, the body being less overwhelmed by toxins.

Posts are in numbered order for completeness. You may like to read the next seven posts which explain how the chelation process has been managed.

The next post, Post 13, explains what chelation requires

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13. Chelation Therapy

13. Chelation. The explanation of chelation and the start of how to remove Elemental / Inorganic Mercury, Palladium and NIckel successfully from the body. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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