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Super Food Chlorella – Post 14

You may have heard of superfood chlorella and wondered what all the fuss is about? It may be another food hyped up as the ‘next best thing’ or it will change your life.

As a very sick patient that suffered from chronic dental ingestion for 7 years before being diagnosed and another 2 years before consuming Chlorella, one can only hail the fantastic benefits that it has made to the quality of life whilst chelating life-threatening elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium, and nickel, just to name a few of the very toxic metals found to have been the root cause of the high levels of dental ingested metal toxicity.

How Do You Chelate Elemental / Inorganic Mercury Using Chlorella?

What Is Chelation?

Chelation is a method of removing certain heavy metals from the bloodstream, used especially in treating lead and mercury poisoning. (Read more information, Post 13)

Doctors and Scientists have undertaken research for many years and produced reports concerning chelating mercury toxicity, the greater amount focusing on organic mercury ingested toxicity, mostly from contaminated fish. However, elemental mercury, the mercury used in dentistry less so.

The 2- step process to help prevent further dental toxicity


Severe chronic dental ingestion is likely to be caused by a problematic dental inclusion of one or more dental fittings. It is finding that problem and removing it safely under holistic guidelines that can help reduce the ingestion of dental toxic vapour.


Chelation is crucial to help remove as much metal toxicity from the body as possible. The patient is in control, eating and drinking the right foods to help speed up the chelation process to remove the toxic metals that have been identified.

Chlorella is an ancient known alga green powder rich in iron, vitamins, proteins and contains naturally occurring sulphites (sulfites), considered a “superfood.”

The Superfood Chlorella And Coriander Chelation Double-Act

Diagnosed with severe chronic dental ingestion at the highest levels, which included Elemental Mercury/Inorganic Mercury, Palladium, and Nickel toxicity, was additionally sped up by the process of Oral-Electro galvanism, chelation was introduced.

Chlorella is an ancient known alga green powder rich in iron, vitamins, proteins and contains naturally occurring sulphites (sulfites), considered a “superfood.”

Corriander is a herb and can be used as a spice. Grown in most parts of the world.

Chlorella and Coriander are a ‘double act’ a most powerful natural chelator for chronic elemental/inorganic mercury dental ingestion


About Chlorella

Chlorella is an intestinal absorbing agent, the re-toxification of the system is prohibited and one of the reasons why this food is so effective for anyone that finds themselves poisoned with life-threatening elemental mercury/inorganic mercury, (which confusingly can also be referred to as metallic mercury and quicksilver mercury). 

Post 22 and 23 explain the different derivatives in mercury and acute or chronic toxicity which is important to assess as treatment plans can differ.

A single-celled freshwater alga, native to Taiwan and Japan, rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre.

There are numerous online reviews about the positive effects of chlorella over many years, such as reported by The Daily Telegraph, 2009.  Daily Telegraph, June 2020.

In recent years, as food becomes globally scarcer to feed growing populations, there has been more and more interest in chlorella as a “superfood”. The BBC Good Food website has easy-to-read reviews.

23. Mercury Toxicity Derivatives

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\\\ Chelation Process

Consuming Chlorella when Elemental Mercury/Inorganic Mercury Poisoned

How Chlorella And Coriander Speeds Up The Elemental Mercury/Inorganic Mercury Toxicity Chelation Process

Chlorella was not used as part of the process for chelation until the second year after the initial diagnosis. No UK clinician had informed the patient to do so, either the NHS who really did not know how to chelate the deadly toxin or private practice clinicians.

During researching various medical reports, particularly from the USA, where it had been trialed and was being used effectively, it was included in the chelation programme with immediate huge success.

After reviewing various companies selling chlorella, Naturya chlorella organic in 200-gram packs were purchased.

Naturya can be found directly from the company online and in better UK high street health shops.

TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Naturya Chlorella Powder 220gm

When to take Chlorella

When first consuming chlorella, and reading a number of customer reviews, it appeared to be best taken about 45 minutes before supper on an empty stomach.

On the first couple of occasions of consuming chlorella, information recommends consuming just a smaller amount to help eliminate any side effects. This is important. The experience of very strong nausea in the first 48 hours was apparent, after this period of time it would disappear.

5 grams were taken daily, about a heaped teaspoon full, the pack lasting about 40 days.

Some people can consume more than 5gms daily, however, it caused me nausea side effects, if more was taken.

In time as the body adjusts, 4gm could be taken during the morning and then again evening, a couple of years later with little or no side effects.

Some health writers pen articles explaining that you can sprinkle it on meals, however, to use to full effect in such dire health grounds of bones being riddled from head to toe with chronic elemental/inorganic mercury deposits, it was best and more effective taken by a teaspoonful with a glass of water to hand, to wash down. Not a particularly pleasing taste, but one that you become accustomed to quickly.

Once the 200 gm packet was finished and after approximately 30 days of not consuming chlorella, some of the much lesser symptoms of severe chronic dental ingestion had reduced – but now started showing signs of reappearing. This is due to elemental/inorganic mercury having 7 years to deposit itself, through the blood-stream into the organs and tissues, resting heavily into the bones, from head to toe, the toxic vapour being deposited, greatly sped up by the act of Oral-Electro galvanism in the oral cavity, by approximately tenfold the normal rate, thus helping to cause high levels of leaching toxic vapour from the oral cavity into the body.

During this period it was further found from medical journal papers that eating coriander leaves (not stalks) after taking the chlorella, about 45 minutes later, helped to speed up the excretion process. Read on for more information.



9. Dental Toxicity Tests And Scans

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TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Patients mouth being examined by a dentist

10. Holistic Dentists

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11. Dental Mercury Videos

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12. The Toxicity Diagnosis

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TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Chelation Banner

13. Chelation Therapy

13. Chelation. The explanation of chelation and the start of how to remove Elemental / Inorganic Mercury, Palladium and NIckel successfully from the body. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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The second chlorella chelation

The ‘6-week chelation process’ was repeated, another 200gms in total, 5gms a day consumption, 45 minutes before supper, and now with organic coriander leaves consumed at the start of supper. This allowed 45 minutes between the chlorella and coriander being consumed, allowing chlorella to enter the body first.

The coriander stalks are not used, which according to medical papers and tests show no beneficial use.

Each time the chlorella and organic coriander chelation pairing was consumed, more toxins from the body were being removed and notably small symptoms improved.

Given the huge list of symptoms and their varying degrees of severity, it was never going to be a fast recovery plan. You can read about the symptoms suffered in posts numbered 4 and 5 – symptoms recorded by year and the full list of symptoms suffered.

Consuming chlorella still continues today, 2022 but the process changed with the necessary dietary needs.

The pain had been so severe throughout the body 24/7, for years, and notoriously elemental mercury/inorganic mercury deposits in the knees and hips, almost to the point that one would have asked a GP for a double hip replacement and knee joint replacement if one didn’t know the root cause and the severity of the toxic poisoning.

Constant throbbing pain had not disappeared from most parts of the body with the first chelation period of 200gms of chlorella but the constant pain started removing once the second 200gms chelation of chlorella had been completed. Firstly, noting that body ‘extremities’ were less painful, being head, hands, and toes.

What one wasn’t aware of at this stage was that one suffered from 2 types of differing pain. The first was a constant 24/7 pain felt throughout the entire body and the second was, distinct and robust pain located in certain bones, the first had been masking the second.

TOXIC HEALTH CO UK Woman in Pain whilst working with laptop

5. The Symptoms Suffered

5. List of symptoms suffered from head to toe, Oral-Electro Galvanism sped up Chronic Dental Ingestion including severe Elemental/Inorganic Mercury, Nickel and Palladium toxicity. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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The third 200gms of chlorella

During the third ‘6-week chelation process’ of taking chlorella and having a period of time chlorella-free, the pain had disappeared from the feet moving up to the knees which were now even more acutely painful as were hips, 24/7. Mobility was already severe and now seemingly not improving. However, the upper torso was less painful and particularly the upper back and shoulders. Elbows joints still continued to be very painful and underarms and lower torso and back pain 24/7.

It was as if the pain was being squashed from toes upwards and head downwards meeting in the middle of the body and becoming even more painful!

The fourth 200gms of chlorella

It was after the completion of the fourth ‘ 6-week chelation process’ consuming 200gm of chlorella (and coriander), 5gms daily until the 200gm pack had been consumed daily, and having had a six-week break in between, that there was euphoria where the excruciating 24/7 pain in the left knee joint lessened and now throbbing pain was concentrated in the right knee, hips, elbows, arms, and torso.

The fifth 200gms of chlorella

The fifth cycle of consuming chlorella and coriander, helped relieve the pain in the right knee, now allowing the knees to be relatively pain-free 24/7, experiencing cycles of pain which are still experienced today throughout the body, as inorganic mercury notoriously deposits and re-deposits itself in the body via the bloodstream. Hence, the reason why for a few days your knees may so painful and then a few days later, for example, the top of the head. There’s absolutely no pattern or regularity to how the deposits and redeposits occur, or indeed where in the body they settle and in what measurements.

To date, there is no regular and easy way for scientific measurements to measure the depths of the toxicity deposits in the body.

The sixth 200gms of chlorella

The sixth cycle helped to relieve the left side hip, and shortly after another period of consuming chlorella led to the right hip becoming relatively pain-free 24/7.

More than a year-and-a-half of using the chlorella and coriander process, it had reduced most of the first type of pain, the 24/7 throbbing pain that had been experienced throughout the body caused by the toxins. This didn’t mean that one was not in pain, because the second type of pain had not disappeared, but the agonising continual 24/7 pain had.

It provided evidence that some symptoms had disappeared for some time, only to reappear but generally slightly weaker in strength. This now highlighted the re-depositing effects of elemental/inorganic mercury around the body that mercury is so well known for, when one is heavily poisoned and that the reappearance strength of those symptoms is slightly less, signifying that chelation methods were working.

The first two years of consuming chlorella were excellent used as a chelator but became more difficult during year three. Extensions to 10 weeks of the ‘holiday period’ of not consuming chlorella and coriander led to more symptoms returning in a vengeance which became far more difficult to ‘shift’ and the body was becoming much stiffer in less time when consuming chlorella. In other words, it had put recovery backward, by possibly up to half a year or more trying to significantly increase the time when not taking chlorella. It was clear that the patient had severe levels of chronic poisoning and the chelation process needed to be taken slowly and methodically.

“Using chlorella and coriander over two years has been astonishing with noticeable improvement of symptoms and regret these products had not been introduced on the first day of the mercury chelation detox”


When Does A Patient Use Chlorella?

It is heavily debated by clinicians whether to start consuming chlorella as dental works of removing amalgams (“silver fillings” which are actually 50% or more composition of elemental mercury), are being undertaken or have been completed, or right from the start when first diagnosed for fullest, quickest effective removal.

An interesting medical report “The Long-Term Algae Extract (Chlorella and Fucus sp) and Aminosulphurate Supplementation Modulate SOD-1 Activity and Decrease Heavy Metals (Hg++, Sn) Levels in Patients with Long-Term Dental Titanium Implants and Amalgam Fillings Restorations” was published with indications that it was beneficial to the patient when having their amalgams removed to use a Chlorella Extract. The report was published on the US site, National Library of Medicines National Institute of Health articles/PMC6523211/ 16 April 2019.

There are clinicians offering tinctures of chlorella based formulas offering their test results when treating patients, however, these results are often very generalised, and don’t explain the patient’s mercury derivative, for example, methyl or elemental (fish eaters or dental ingestion mercury), and cannot provide details of actually how sick each patient actually was before tests began as there is no scientific way to know how much already is deeply deposited, resting in patient bones. However, these may help with the initial removal of mercury and lead from the important organs, getting organs working more effectively to push out more toxins.

Without this superfood, it is doubted that the chelation process, the removal of toxins, elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium, and nickel from the organs, tissues, and bones would have reached their current progress levels 4 years later.

Stiffness Of The Body

One of the later developments is the stiffness noted to the body affecting mobility caused by the consumption of the superfood.

About 5 weeks, into the 6 weeks period, at the beginning of consumption during year 1, it was noted that the body started to severely stiffen and was acceptable. However, the stiffness became more evident and after two years had reduced to appearing within a week or so. This seemed to signify a considerable imbalance of minerals in the body and that a review needed to take place of the whole general diet being consumed particularly when consuming the very rich-in-minerals chlorella and the length of time chlorella was being consumed.

This imbalance signifies that Chlorella and Coriander have helped significantly to remove much of the toxins from organs, but the process to remove chronic levels of mercury deposited in the bones over 7 years prior to diagnosis, is a far more difficult and lengthy process for someone’s severely poisoned body where it stubbornly remains.

One specific note of interest is that hand nails would begin splitting when taking chlorella and when one stopped consuming chlorella, the quality of hand nails visually improved. It’s believed that this is due to the short-term depletion of certain minerals by the very rich chlorella minerals in a very short space of time, which is restored quickly when one finishes the chelation period.

Sometimes a poor performing thyroid can be contributed as the cause, with similar symptoms. The patient suffered greatly from a poor performing thyroid which was corrected during the first year of chelation by taking extra selenium (daily consumption of brazil nuts, read more Post 15) to reach an improved level of health and has continued to do so.

During the chelation periods using chlorella, a small amount of extra selenium was taken.

After a review of the diet, more magnesium, Vitamin C, and selenium increased levels were taken, during the chelation period of 6 weeks of consuming chlorella and coriander. This has seemed to counteract the stiffness with much greater effect, where even nails are no longer cracking and splitting. This also seems to confirm the report, National Library of Medicines National Institute of Health articles/PMC6523211/ 16 April 2019, where extra selenium was taken for those patients having their amalgams removed and using a Chlorella extract.

You can read further about the minerals and the daily menu consumed to help chelation in our next 4 posts about chelation.

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16. Chelating

16. Removing use of personal products and awareness of environmental toxins led to a more successful elemental/inorganic mercury, nickel and palladium chelation. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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18. The Use Of Supplements

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Chlorella Tablets

Some people prefer taking chlorella tablets, introduced more than a decade or so ago, but despite using a quality brand, these were found to be less effective but handy to use when travelling than loose powder.

Caution. There are now several warnings about purchasing cheaper versions of chlorella available, particularly from China, which may be grown in toxic environments and with fake labelling. Buy only from reliable sources.


After further research, approximately 5 grams of organic fresh coriander leaves (not stalks) were consumed about 45 minutes after taking chlorella, just before supper. This really helped to fast-track symptom improvement further.

It is important to purchase organic fresh coriander, when not available, the patient resorted to using approximately 10 grams of dried organic coriander powder which seemed to work reasonably well, however, this will contain milled plant stalks which are not required or deemed effective. 

It is noted in some reports that organic parsley may have similar chelation properties, however, parsley is noted as food not to consume in the oxalate diet when chelating for mercury, palladium, and nickel from the body, and was removed from the diet. It may be confused with ‘Chinese parsley,’ an alternative name for Coriander.

Organic Coriander Organic Coriander (Cilantro) Leaves 

Stage Two Chelation

The chlorella and coriander chelation method is still used today, 2022, after being used for more than four years, and chelation is now into the start of the sixth year since diagnosis.

Significantly increased levels of foods and supplements, selenium, Vitamin C, and magnesium levels to combat elemental/inorganic mercury whilst using Chlorella extract (which works with manganese to deplete ‘good’ minerals such as iodine, fluorine, and magnesium), has helped enormously. Again something the patient wished they knew about when starting the Chlorella and Coriander process.

The initial removal of inorganic mercury vapour from the organs has been successful with the additional aid of using the chlorella and coriander process leaving the next stage of chelation, Stage Two Chelation, which is considerably slower and harder, the continued removal of elemental/inorganic mercury resting in the bones. There appears to be no quick fix to this.

However, a cautionary note is that this does not mean one can forgo this important chelation process. It means that it will be needed as supporting the chelation process for many years to come.

Chlorella is now consumed as a ‘Regular Maintenance’ treatment

After 10 days or so, one consumes chlorella + coriander for about 5 days, then reverts back to 10 days being ‘chlorella + coriander free.’ This new approach to consuming this valuable chelator is still aiding recovery, but with no visible signs of stiffness in the body. The amount of consumption remains the same – approximately a teaspoonful full, 5 gms. of the green powder.

Urine Tests

Regular urine tests for inorganic mercury toxicity have been taken over the years which provided evidence of increased levels of inorganic mercury being pushed out of the body suggesting that organs have become better functioning due to chelation therapy and are not so heavily burdened with the toxicity.

Palladium removal

Palladium removal from the body remains unaccounted for as clinicians around the world still do not know how to remove this from the body, despite continuing to use it in UK dentistry, hoping that it may be similar to mercury chelation removal.

You can read more ‘Dental Poisoning’ page which explains more about the effects of palladium, Pd, and in many respects, this Pd metal toxicity is appearing as more dangerous than mercury remaining in the body where it’s become clear over the years various symptoms attributed to palladium toxicity are simply not shifting as fast as elemental/inorganic mercury. Palladium can be associated with ‘burning eyes’ and Hypnic jerks, which are still suffered.

Various professional organisations consider using the same chelation methods to remove palladium can be beneficial, such as the accredited IAOMT, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).


Dental Poisoning

About Elemental Inorganic Mercury, Nickel, Palladium, Gold, causing severe chronic dental ingestion, Oral-Electro galvanism, sped up toxicity. Dental poisoning, amalgams. Does mercury cause toxicity? Can amalgams cause mercury poisoning? Discover dental Palladium toxicity. Read more.

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Medical Studies And Papers

2013, Margaret Sears wrote for The Scientific World Journal an interesting paper, an NCBI resource stating (–https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3654245/ -)

‘Toxic elements, unfortunately, build up over time in soft tissues and bone, and even when the external source is removed the bioaccumulated toxic elements represent an ongoing endogenous source of exposure, and measures to enhance excretion may be helpful.

Overall, during chelation therapy mobilization must equal excretion, so adequate hydration and bowel regularity are essential. A variety of products may assist in interrupting enterohepatic recirculation of toxicants.’

‘Pharmaceutical chelating agents may also be considered, to assist with mobilization and excretion.’

She also outlines in the report considerably the problems of mercury redistributing back into the bones and mentions ‘Dr. Myers Cocktail’.

Myers Cocktail offered by Health Fusion Clinic stated on their website

‘The Myers Cocktail is a micronutrient IV developed by American physician Dr. John Myers containing magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins, and vitamin C*. It is used as a general health tonic for all aspects of wellbeing. We usually add selenium to the cocktail for further immune support. The Myers cocktail is probably the most popular and commonly used combination IV for general health in the world’.

What is clear throughout this chelation is that Vitamin C, Magnesium and Selenium are essential supplements to the elemental/inorganic toxic patient when chelating.

Read the report “The Long-Term Algae Extract (Chlorella and Fucus sp) and Aminosulphurate Supplementation Modulate SOD-1 Activity and Decrease Heavy Metals (Hg++, Sn) Levels in Patients with Long-Term Dental Titanium Implants and Amalgam Fillings Restorations” published with indications that it was beneficial to the patient when having their amalgams removed to use a Chlorella Extract. The report was published in US National Library of Medicines National Institute of Health articles/PMC6523211/ 16 April 2019.


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The next post is Post 15 which explains more chelation foods and beverages and processes required for successful chelation.

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15. Chelating With Foods

15. Chelating. About foods, Glutathione Diet, Oxalate Diet, hot drinks, Brazil nuts, selenium, magnesium, Vitamin C, raw organic foods. Read more. toxichealth.co.uk

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