Superfood Chlorella and Coriander detox – Post 14

Chlorella is an ancient known alga green powder rich in iron, vitamins, proteins and contains naturally occurring sulfites, considered a “superfood.”

Chlorella is an intestinal absorbing agent, the retoxification of the system is prohibited. Clinical studies completed recently proved that heavy metal chelation using chlorella and coriander can naturally remove an average of 87% of lead, 91% of mercury, and 74% of aluminium from the body within 42 days.

The study was conducted by healthcare professionals at The Optimal Wellness Test Research Centre in Nevada (not affiliated with Dr Mercola’s Optimal Wellness Center in Illinois).

A single-celled freshwater alga, native to Taiwan and Japan, rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

There are numerous online reviews about the positive effects of chlorella such as The Daily Telegraph, 2009.

In recent years, as food becomes globally scarcer to feed growing populations, there has been more and more interest in Chlorella as a “superfood.” The BBC Good Food website has easy to read review.

Naturya Organic Chlorella Powder 200g

How Chlorella and Coriander speeds up the chelation process

Naturya Chlorella organic in 200-gram packs were purchased. 5 grams taken daily, about a teaspoon full, washed down with water, 45 minutes before supper on an empty stomach. The pack lasted about 40 days.

Some people can consume more than 5 gms daily but it found to cause me nausea if more was taken.

After 40 days of not consuming chlorella, some of the much lesser symptoms had disappeared or reduced but started showing signs of reappearing. The chelation process was repeated for another 6 weeks consumption of chlorella and organic coriander. 

This process has continued and still continues today.

Each time the chlorella and organic coriander remove more toxins from the body, symptoms improve further.

Given the huge list of symptoms and their severity, it was never going to be a fast recovery plan. 

Pain had been so severe in the knees and hips almost to the point that one would ask a GP for a double hip replacement and knee joint replacements.

After nearly a year of using the chlorella process, it had reduced most pain that had been experienced throughout the body caused by the toxins.

On the first couple of occasions of consuming chlorella, information recommends consuming just a smaller amount to help eliminate any side effects. This is important. The experience of nausea in the first 48 hours was always common but disappeared. 

“Using chlorella was astonishing with noticeable improvement of symptoms and regret this product had not been introduced on the first day of the chelation detox”…

It is heavily debated by clinicians whether to start consuming chlorella after dental works have been completed or right from the start when first diagnosed. 

Some people prefer taking chlorella tablets, introduced a decade or so ago, but despite using a quality brand, these were found to be less effective but handy if travelling to use.

Caution. There are now several warnings about purchasing cheaper versions of chlorella available, particularly from China, which may be grown in toxic environments and with fake labelling.

Fresh coriander

Organic Coriander (Cilantro) Leaves 

After further research, approximately 5 grams of organic fresh coriander leaves (not stalks) were consumed about 40 minutes after taking chlorella, just before supper. This really helped to fast-track symptom improvement even further.

It is important to purchase organic fresh coriander, when not available resorted to using dried organic coriander powder which seemed to work reasonably well, however, this will contain milled plant stalks which are not required. 

It is noted in some reports that organic parsley may have similar chelation properties, however, parsley is noted as food not to consume in the oxalate diet and was removed from the diet. 

The chlorella and coriander chelation method is still used today, now into the fifth year of diagnosis, where the gap between using the product and not, has widened to nearly 3 months.

Symptoms return with a vengeance after about 10 weeks. It provides the evidence that there are still tremendously high levels of mercury deposited in the bones and tissues. Palladium toxicity remains unaccounted as clinicians still do not know how to remove this from the body.

Posts are in numbered order for completeness. You may like to read posts 13 explaining what chelation means, posts 15- 18 which include aspects of the chelation process.

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