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Oral-Electro galvanism symptoms – Post 19

One of the noticeable symptoms of Oral-Electro galvanism is the failing ability by the patient, to be able to use or be close to high powered devices near to the body. That is because the body is already producing its own high voltage current in the oral cavity.

In today’s world, it means devices like laptops and computers, everyday items that you may use for your work or leisure, and be sitting close to all day will be difficult to use, and then as symptoms increase, smaller voltage items such as mobile phones, irons and even hedge trimmers become difficult to use.

Areas such as shopping centres, railways stations, airports and packed buses all become ‘out of bounds’ for the patient who simply can’t function in high voltage areas.

The human simply cannot operate in this voltage environment when suffering from Oral-Electro galvanism.

Pre-diagnosis, UK NHS clinicians, including a Toxicology department failed to take a detailed environmental exposure patient history and the many symptoms suffered from, despite symptom information presented, sadly dismissing the high voltage as simply ‘irrelevant.’

They later admitted they were not trained in matters of chronic dental ingestion and should not have made any diagnosis of the patient. 

The damage caused to the body by Electro-Oral galvanism still remains unknown today where 1v. was permanently within the human body 24/7 for more than 7 years.

NCBI, The US National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health, providing access to biomedical information report – their comprehensive website (PMC3654245) explains the problems with chelation techniques for acute mercury and other toxicity. However, it does admit that Clinical Advances (4.7) outlining chronic poisoning “presents a significant challenge to the health care provider.”

Their report continues, “an extensive environmental exposure history is used to identify xenobiotic exposures, so that sources may be recognized.”

This exposure history was never taken by the NHS.

“Started being able to re-use computers and electro devices after a year of removing most metals from the oral cavity and chelation process in place.”

Once chelation was underway about a year after the dental works completed, one was able to use computers and laptops comfortably, building up the time spent on the devices, without symptoms reappearing. It has to be stressed that it was not instantaneously, it took time to recover from the huge amounts of voltage that had been monitored in the oral cavity for many years.

You may like to read further The Holistic Dentist post 10, which provides information about voltage measurements taken pre, during and post-diagnosis and the procedures for the removal of high noble metals from the oral cavity reducing the Oral-Electro galvanism.


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