Symptoms by Year

patient with pain symptoms

The deterioration of health caused by toxins – Post 4

List of symptoms experienced in year order as health declined.

Year 1 of poor health

Difficulties noticed using computers for periods – pains in face and neck – particularly back of the neck
Pains in hands initially – increasing to pains in arms and elbows
Bad taste in the mouth
Slightly clenched jaw – particularly after sleeping
Tinnitus – low humming noise constantly 24/7
Dizzy bending down
Unable to run
Pain below shoulder blades
Inability to concentrate
Hearing becoming poor

Year 2 of poor health

Jaw locking – jaw dysfunction
Difficulty controlling vocal cords – started losing singing voice – vocal chord paralysis
Poor eye muscle control – twitching for an extended period of times
Swollen lymph glands
Difficulty recalling facts/words – the start of memory loss
Dyslexia when typing – memory loss
When writing – the omission of central portions of long words – memory loss
Difficulty with grammar when trying to compose documents using computers. Use of wrong verbs, prepositions and conjunctions in the wrong order – memory loss
Inability to concentrate
Unable to consume alcohol – sulphite allergy connected to mercury toxicity

Year 3 of poor health

Double vision
Feeling of neuralgia
Lower energy levels
Knees were becoming painful and stiff
Unable to kneel down and get up
Started using mouthwash to mask worsening bad taste in the mouth
Used public transport – feeling unsafe to drive/losing confidence
Continual sharp shooting pains – when using computers and laptops particularly back of the neck and down the right shoulder and wrist and included heartburn and chest pains
Unusual spots appeared – particularly facial, taking months to heal

Year 4 of poor health

Face started setting off metal detectors
Extreme fatigue
Extremely bad vertigo
Increasing pain throughout various parts of the body – when using electro currents such as mobile phones, viewing TV, radios, pc computers/laptops, and particularly bad when someone sat next to wearing headphones – stopped using computers
Partial deafness
Eyebrows began to thin and loss of underarm hair – associated with thyroiditis
Loss of voice on occasions  – tight vocal chords – the singing voice had completely disappeared
Limbs becoming stiffer
No longer could cross legs or curl up in bed
Fatigue from generally walking
No longer went out at night feeling unsafe
Became quite unsociable
Pricking stabbing crawling ‘fizzing’ sensations in the skin – particularly top of the head
Impossible to go to large crowded places without feeling nausea – severe vertigo going up escalators, where wireless/electro currents were evident and public using large numbers of mobile phones, such as shopping centres
Very difficult to travel through railway stations where large amounts of electro current, magnetic currents and Wi-Fi present
Distorted balance – the feeling of slightly falling backwards with no control of walking
Foggy thinking and worsening headaches
Worsening pain throughout the body
Unable to sit with a laptop on the lap as electro currents started giving leg shooting pains within minutes. Stopped using computers

Year 5 of poor health

Memory loss – difficulty recalling well-known facts
Inability to concentrate
Worsening and constant fatigue
Worsening Involuntary eye movements – twitching for longer periods
Frequent abnormal random skin blistering and bumps on the left hand – acrodynia
Abnormal body temperature reactions – temperature dysfunction
Higher temperatures would visibly trigger muscle twitching for long periods, particularly legs
Cracking bone sounds could be heard by the legs when particularly passing by cell stations

Year 6 of poor health

Getting words constantly muddled up
Worsening short memory
Very intense pain top of the head – so painful on occasions kept awake at night
Intense chest pain and low throbbing back pain
Increasing ‘shimmy’ effect felt down back and down tummy
Balance started to become generally poor
Stiffening of joints – difficulties walking up and downstairs
Stumbling and falls – unexplained trips
Poor movement of joints and locking/jarring of joints – particularly knees
Tinnitus – sound intensity heard when moving from one floor of the house to another coupled with vertigo and poor balance
Increasing frequent temperature dysregulation
Poor mobility – difficulty getting up from low seats
Stiffening of limbs – difficulty walking downstairs
Difficulty walking near electro current cell phone towers causing worsening balance problems, foggy thinking
Affected by the electro currents throughout the body – now no confidence to use handheld electrical machinery such as iron, steamer or hedge trimmer
No longer took social day trips out due to declining health
Vibrating felt throughout the body when limbs were placed next to or on top of each other due to severe voltage throughout the body

Year 7 of poor health

Thick ridged nails developed where shooting pains were felt in toes with damaged nerves
Constant loud cracking of joints could be heard throughout the day – particularly shins and legs
Less mobility led to weight gain
Colour of teeth noticeably discolouring
Unable to drink any alcohol – mercury sulphite allergy
Insomnia – waking up many times during the night being exhausted in the morning
Frequent expelling air
Frequent and more severe blistering and rashes on the left hand – acrodynia
Tingling in the fingertips
Worsening mobility – avoiding going out – planning in advance the shortest and easiest journeys
Difficulty getting down from trains and buses because of stiff limbs
Spending more and more time in bed due to fatigue
Worsening fluctuance
Becoming even more of a recluse
Simple daily task becoming difficult such as shopping
Swelling of feet – shoes were becoming tight and ill-fitting and painful to wear
Knees constantly painful
Inability to sleep on one’s side – affected by balance issues
Craving sugar and sweets
Puffing up of the face tummy wrists arms face and feet

Year 8 of poor health

Constant muscle tension and discomfort in the mouth
Increasing excessive levels of electro currents being recorded
Erratic muscular responses, muscle jerks, tremors and shakes
Poor eye muscle control – blinking for a long period of times – hours and days continually
Erratic saliva release followed by days of severe pain
Starting to very frequently use the toilet during the night and generally more during the day sometimes suffering unexpected discharges.
Visual degenerative symptoms – excessive dry hair noted by a regular hairdresser during visits
Visual degenerative symptoms, hair falling out
Visual degenerative symptoms, fingernails becoming more and more brittle and flaky
Visual degenerative symptoms, changes in the colour of the big toenails and flaky cuticles and skin
Visual degenerative symptoms, changes in balance, foot size and shape – recorded in podiatry scans
Sleep deprivation – restless nights – continual restless legs
Acrodynia – pink disease the left hand and becoming more frequent and fiercer with liquid oozing from the hands
Waking up exhausted
Increasing difficulties with posture and sharp back pains
Eyes bloated sitting outside in sun for a short period causing temporary loss of vision up to 24 hours
Increasingly overall large weight gain
Noticeable bloated body around ankle, legs, feet, tummy and face – photographed and filmed
Very worrying heat exhaustion – temperature dysfunction – over 20 centigrade couldn’t function
Red veins starting to appear at top of legs – increased considerably in colour and strength when a high voltage was recorded in the oral cavity
Vertigo – difficulty standing and walking where the balance was now so poor spending long periods of the day in bed
Increased clenching of teeth and jaw dysfunction worsening
Erratic and extreme saliva release – ‘foaming of the mouth’
Excessive electrical activity recorded
Worsening sensitivity to ear pressure when elevated – even walking up one floor up at home
Frequent dizzy spells – black spots appearing constantly in the vision 24/7
Atmospheric like ears when getting up from a chair

It is advisable to read posts in numerical order.

You may like to read Post 3 ‘About The Symptoms’ which provides an overview of the two symptoms presented and Post 5 ‘The Symptoms Suffered’ which provides the list of all the symptoms suffered.

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