23. Elemental, Inorganic And Organic Mercury Toxicity

Liquid mercury

Explaining The Differences – Post 23

Liquid mercury
Elemental Mercury – Metallic Mercury – Quicksilver

The reason why it is important to establish whether the toxicity is not just chronic or acute but whether it is elemental, inorganic or organic as the chelation process, the processes to remove the toxins from the body, are different.

Much research had been undertaken by the patient since 2009 exploring the many symptoms being suffered because NHS clinicians were repeatably failing to diagnose. When resorting to private health care, scans and blood tests were taken for metal toxicity, returned repeatably positive during 2016.

It was important to establish whether the poisoning of the patient was not just acute or chronic mercury toxicity (explained in post 22) but the cause of the toxicity, whether it was elemental, inorganic or organic.

The UK government released a Public Health England document 2016 Compendium of Chemical Hazards (publishing.service.gov.uk) which identifies three sources of mercury –

  1. Elemental mercury also known as metallic mercury and quicksilver
  2. Inorganic mercury
  3. Organic mercury some of the derivatives being methylmercury, phenylmercury and ethyl mercury

1. Elemental mercury is also known as metallic mercury and quicksilver

Elemental mercury is a shiny, silver-white liquid metal at room temperature and may also be referred to as quick silver. It evaporates to form mercury vapour, which is the predominant form of mercury in the atmosphere.

The uses generally attributed to making dental filings, lamps (light bulbs), batteries,
electrical switches, and historically thermometers and barometers.

mercuric-sulphate crystals
Inorganic Mercury – Mercuric Sulphate Crystals

2. Inorganic mercury

Inorganic mercury compounds contain mercury combined with other elements: mercuric sulphide contains sulphur; mercuric oxide contains oxygen; and mercuric chloride contains chlorine. These compounds are mostly white powders or crystals.

The uses have included preservatives, fungicides and antiseptics although use in these areas has been largely discontinued over the last few decades. Inorganic mercury may also be found in illegal skin lighteners and traditional medicines.

The government report focused on the hazards of the two types of mercury and not Organic mercury.

3. Organic mercury toxicity

A derivative of organic mercury is Methylmercury, generally attributed to eating contaminated foods such as fish where frequently cases are reported in the press such as the singer Robbie Williams.

How Can The NHS Get It So Wrong?

An NHS professor of toxicology diagnosed the patient as having organic mercury toxicity, stating that the patient must have ate a prawn sandwich. Despite informing this doctor that fish hadn’t been eaten for one and half years and the symptoms were declining for more than 7 years, he still continued diagnosing the patient as having organic mercury toxicity.

The patient was diagnosed with –

Chronic dental ingestion toxicity sped up by the process of Oral-Electro galvanism.

The toxicity included chronic elemental mercury, palladium and nickel toxicity recorded at the highest levels.

For many years the patient had been informing clinicians of problems associated with the LR jaw and suspicions that a restoration was to blame. No one in the NHS took the patient seriously. In fact the NHS were so negligent leaving the patient being poisoned by a number of leeching and life-threatening dental metals in the body, including mercury for more than 7 years.

  • Through private practice the patient managed to chart the body by medical thermal imaging scans ( a non evasive treatment) pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post diagnosis providing visual evidence.
  • Numerous blood tests were taken that identified the metal toxicity, those recorded the highest in the public range were those being used in dentistry.
  • Specialised dental bloods tests taken that produced evidence of the highest levels of elemental mercury, nickel and palladium in the body.
  • Dental oral galvanic test that provided results indicating substantial high leeching of mercury from dental amalgam fillings in the oral cavity.
  • Voltage readings taken over a long period of time producing huge electro voltage within the body 10 times higher than the body can operate.

The length of time of toxicity is very significant as mercury not only rests in one’s organs but has much time to deposit itself deep into the body’s tissues, the bones. Chelation becomes much harder to remove mercury from the bones, if indeed, a full chelation could ever by successful.

The reason why a professor ‘got it so wrong’ is that the NHS do not provide their clinicians, both Dentists and General Medicine clinicians including GPs, with training for chronic dental ingestion toxicity as there is no formal or legal requirement to do so. This is confirmed by the failure of the British dental profession to agree to provide the British Government with the details to include in the British medical pharmacopoeia – a book containing the identification of compound medicines published by the British Government / the British Dental Association.

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Caution –

The UK government Public Health England document 2016 Compendium of Chemical Hazards (publishing.service.gov.uk) states

If you have inhaled or ingested mercury seek medical advice.

One would think you could seek advice from the NHS, however, like myself, you could be mis-diagnosed or left undiagnosed if presenting chronic dental ingestion toxicity and the second disease, Oral-Electro galvanism currently.

One currently has to seek advice outside of the NHS, by private practice to obtain a much wider range and specialised blood tests that the NHS offer, furthermore, scans and diagnosis.

Posts are written in historical numbered order of pre-diagnosis symptoms – diagnosis and post diagnosis care. It is advisable to read in numerical order.

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Liquid mercury

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