22. Acute and Chronic Mercury Toxicity

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Acute Mercury Toxicity and Chronic Mercury Toxicity – Post 22

Having been diagnosed, after 7 years, with severe levels of chronic dental ingestion toxicity which included the highest levels of mercury, palladium and nickel, sped up by Oral-Electro galvanism, the process of chelation, removing the toxicity began.
Liquid mercury
Liquid Mercury

We focus here on mercury being the second, most dangerous metal known to man which needed urgent removal from the body.

The reason why it is important to establish whether the toxicity is acute or chronic is that the chelation process, the process to remove the toxins from the body, are different.

Much research since the symptoms started developing during 2009 had been undertaken by the patient exploring the many symptoms being suffered because NHS clinicians were failing to diagnose. When resorting to private health care, scans and blood tests were taken for metal toxicity, and repeatably returned positive, 2016, it was important to establish whether the poisoning was acute or chronic mercury toxicity.

Given the length of time of deteriorating health and the nature of the severity of symptoms being recorded it was clearly chronic mercury toxicity.

The length of time is very significant as mercury not only rests in one’s organs but has much time to deposit itself deep into the body’s tissues, the bones. Chelation becomes much harder to remove from the bones, if indeed, a full chelation could ever be successful.

In my case, a NHS professor of toxicology diagnosed me incorrectly as a patient with acute mercury toxicity and not chronic toxicity, only to admit when confronted later that he had not been trained in chronic dental ingestion, like the rest of the NHS workforce and had no idea what the different chelation process would be.

Not only is this a problem to any NHS patient seeking medical advice, but NHS clinicians and GPs are not trained in the Oral-Electro galvanism disease either. Most clinicians dismissed these symptoms as unimportant, sometimes not even recording the symptoms, even toxicity departments stating “they hadn’t got a clue” what the symptoms presented were, whilst in fact, these symptoms have been known medically for more than 150 years which speed up the amount of of dangerous mercury being ingested, my case recorded by tenfold.

It was later found that the NHS do not provide their clinicians, both Dentists and General Medicine clinicians including GPs, with training for chronic dental ingestion toxicity as there is no formal or legal requirement to do so. This is confirmed by the failure of the British dental profession to agree to provide the British Government with the details to include in the British medical pharmacopoeia – a book containing the identification of compound medicines published by the British Government / the British Dental Association.

Despite many scientific and medical articles, written over decades, examining chronic dental ingestion chelation, the NHS continue to fail to provide those patients who have suffered with accidental chronic dental ingestion with the care they need often mis-diagnosing them as patients with MS, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease or leaving them non-diagnosed.

Likewise, Oral-Electro galvanism is also omitted from the British medical pharmacopoeia. The Dental Association has alleged that it doesn’t occur, but fails to support their statement. They train UK dentists not to cause Oral-Electro galvanism however, this doesn’t mean that the disease known for more than 150 years and identified in numerous medical papers and journals does not exist!

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Caution –

The UK government released a Public Health England document 2016 Compendium of Chemical Hazards (publishing.service.gov.uk) which states

If you have inhaled or ingested mercury seek medical advice.

One would think you could seek advice from the NHS, however, like myself, you could be mis-diagnosed or left undiagnosed if your condition is chronic as their clinicians are not trained in chronic dental ingestion toxicity and Oral-Electro galvanism currently.

Posts are written in historical numbered order of pre-diagnosis symptoms – diagnosis and post diagnosis care. It is advisable to read in numerical order.

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Liquid mercury

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