Finding the Root Causes

\\\ Root Causes

The root causes were found to be

1. Oral-Electro Galvanism which sped up –

2. Severe Chronic Dental Ingestion – severe poisoning by Elemental/Inorganic Mercury, Palladium and Nickel toxins

Many people including NHS clinicians do not realise that it’s patient’s mouths that are the root cause for their poor health

\\\ Oral-Electro Galvanism

About Oral-Electro Galvanism

Shortly after an unconsented NHS surgical procedure under general anaesthesia, new symptoms developed caused by an unknown accident, a suggestive knock to the oral cavity which slightly loosened a dental restoration.

This was the start of dental poisoning symptoms, where the toxicity was considerably sped up by a disease called Oral-Electro galvanism.


Life started changing considerably and rapidly.

Using close up electro devices, such as computer screens and laptops became problematic. These devices constantly receive electro signals in and out of their appliances, with unknown aerial placements, which particularly led to experiencing pains in the head, neck and shoulders, affecting parts of the body that were in closest range contact, when using them for more than 10 minutes, or so.

Being near to domestic appliances such as large screen tv’s became a nuisance, mobile phones, and telephone answering machines, even holding and using an iron for a minutes or using hedge trimmers, in time, became problematic.

Travelling through busy railway stations was almost impossible, because of the huge power sources used. The London tube system and airports similar. Public transport was difficult, many people packed into a small space, using active electro gadgets.

After 2 years, it was noted that metal detectors used by airport security, became activated when used around the right side of the face during security checks on the body, for no reason, other that we now know, the growing electro-magnetic currents emerging from my oral cavity.

Further handheld metal detector checks identified the lower right dental quadrant position on the face, that activated the maximum settings on the machine.

Illustration of Quadrant Dental Charting of the Mouth

Over time, and testing out various small, handheld, sophisticated metal detectors, one detector actually pinpointed the external position of detection of huge electro activity, within millimetres of what was found to be the root cause, being a crown restoration situated in the Lower Right quadrant of the mouth.

Many statements were made to health clinicians that there was suspicious and an unsafe dental problem to the right bottom side of the mouth, jaw and under the chin. Clinicians wrote in patient statements that the cause was a suspected implant, (end osseous implant or fixture) in the mouth, caused during the unconsented medical procedure. 

They later dismissed my complaints of symptoms as “nonsense”, even stating to me “it’s all in your head” which was highly offensive.

Other clinicians when provided with the visual evidence of metal detectors alleged that “metal detectors don’t work”. This comment was rather peculiar as NHS Hospitals use Adams handheld medical-friendly metal detectors in UK A&E departments, up and down the country, helping to track ingested foreign bodies! Adams was one of the makes of detectors testing with positive results on the LR jaw and face.

Regular voltage test of the oral cavity became the norm providing evidence that it was unusually high, 24/7, too high for a human to operate safely,  increasing alarmingly.

There were considerations such as an RFID tagged dental implant had accidentally been used in my oral cavity, similar to how US dentistry tag implants. All possible causes were under the spotlight.

Rebuked by NHS clinicians for even suggesting there was elevated voltage in the mouth, let alone the possibility of a ‘planted’ implant, (their written terminology) this provided the evidence that NHS clinicians had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

NHS clinicians time and time again failed to disclose they were not trained.

Not one clinician should have been making any attempts to discuss and comment on my health issues, let alone make a diagnosis.

Health was declining quickly, no longer able to visit everyday locations, places with large electro activities, such as shopping centres, arenas, sporting events, bars, restaurants, cafes.

Everyday life became very difficult, very quickly.

So What Is Galvanism?

Galvanism is the term used to define the production of direct current electricity from a chemical reaction, for example, between dissimilar metals and defined in most dictionaries.

What Is Oral-Electro Galvanism?

Electro-Oral galvanism defined in the Dorlands Medical Dictionary for the last 35 years or more; a dictionary that is available in most UK libraries, the disease discovered more than 180 years ago.

production of galvanic current in the oral cavity due to the presence of 2, or more dissimilar metals in dental restorations that are bathed in saliva, or a single restoration and two electrolytes, saliva and pulp tissue fluid, thus producing an electrolyte cell and an electric current.

When such restorations touch each other, the current may be high enough to irritate the dental pulp and cause sharp pain. The anodic restoration or areas of restoration are subject to electrolyte corrosion.’

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary has also defined the term dental galvanism as a

physicochemical phenomenon in which 2 or more dissimilar metals that have been used to restore or replace missing teeth produce the flow of an electric current.’

Definitions of Oral-Electro galvanism are available in the Free Dictionary – Medical Dictionary by Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary, Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health, Farlex Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing, Medical Eponyms by Farlex.

‘Galvanometer’ is defined as an instrument for measuring current by electromagnetic action.

How Oral-Electro Galvanism Occurs

Commonly, dental galvanism can occur between a gold crown and an amalgam (aka mercury) filling and dramatically increases when gold, nickel, palladium, aluminium and other metal fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns or bridges are placed near an amalgam filling.

Accidents And Loosened Dental Restorations

If an accident occurs to a patient, a sports accident, for example, by a knock to the face, it can slightly loosen the restoration or other dental works without the patient knowing. It allows the saliva with highly charged electrolytes to wash under, and around, the many metals that make up the composition of the implant.

These pictures featured above are taken of the crown restoration after removal, that aided Oral-Electro galvanism in the oral cavity. Large traces of gold content are clearly visible on the underside. When out of the mouth the pieces were measured for voltage and recorded as high as 0.39v when removed from the mouth. Saliva took its time to dry out around the pieces and the voltage still recorded 0.18v at the eighth week.

These were absolutely extraordinary voltage recordings because the highest safe voltage that a human can operate is according to dental reports 0.1v. Even when taken out of the mouth saliva was recording nearly 4 times voltage levels that were safe.

How many dentists tell you exactly how many mixed metals they’ve just popped into you’re mouth during a visit?

As a patient I was never made aware at the time of the inclusion of Cookson EC 730 implant into the mouth, that this porcelain fused to metal implant was constructed with gold and palladium.

The manufacturer’s information suggests that the reduced gold content of EC 730 is countered by the addition of palladium to produce an alloy which is tarnish-resistant and hard enough to mill.

When private clinic blood tests for toxins took place, the Melisa® blood tests provided evidence that the dangerous palladium far outranked ingested gold in the levels of chronic ingested dental toxicity being experienced in the patients blood stream in the body.

Gold has a high positive charge, which greatly augments the rate of corrosion of negatively charged mercury used in amalgam fillings, if you have amalgam fillings, this especially potentiates the release of this toxic metal into the body.


1 to 2 litres of saliva is secreted into the mouth daily rinsing the teeth before being swallowed.

Saliva contains sodium and chlorides as well as potassium and bicarbonate ions which act as electrolytes. When saliva washes over amalgam fillings, (aka mercury), also known as ‘silver’ or ‘metallic’ fillings due to their colour, an electrolyte action corrodes the amalgam increasing the risk of mercury vapour release.

Saliva acts as an electrolyte when it mixes with the amalgam fillings in the mouth, creating a measurable electric current. A galvanic current of 0.1v overpowers the human body and makes them inoperable according to dental books.

The oral cavity galvanic current measured in my body 0.5v (500 millivolts) to above 1v (1000 millivolts), more than 10 times the recognised human accepted level

How The Galvanism Accident Occurred

Clinicians at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK, part of the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust performed an unconsented daycare surgical procedure by general anaesthetic, where the GA tract put into the mouth was suggestive of knocking the dental restoration, an unknown and invisible accident at the time, to either the anaesthetist, surgical team and patient.

New symptoms developed very quickly, in a matter of just days and an appointment made to see the GP.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists suggest that one in 4,500 patients suffer accidents “overall” to their teeth, during surgical procedures, however, no one knows the full extent of the thousands of patients who have suffered unknown accidents.

Both the surgeon and anaesthetist failed to collect the patient’s consent for the procedure at the hospital, despite patient requests. Informed consent would have assessed such risks of the crowns and other dental works and perhaps more care by the clinicians may have been taken of the patient when under the general anesthesia.

The Effects Of Oral-Electro Galvanism 

With this ever-so slightly loosened ceramic crown inlay, saliva managed to wash over the different metals used in the crown’s construction, and further, washing over 4 amalgams (mercury fillings) that had been placed in the oral cavity sometime before.

It took just days when symptoms such as headaches, a strange taste in the mouth, tinnitus, appeared after the surgical procedure, along with forgetfulness.

Having never experienced any problems or reactions previously with side effects from dental works, these symptoms were expected to be connected to the surgical procedure.

It was about 6 months later when it was noticeable that using computer and laptops became very ‘difficult’ and more symptoms, such as nausea and headaches when using the devices along with poor grammar, loss of singing vocal cords, tightening of the throat, worsening memory recall, neuralgia, all became noticeable.

Toxic dental ingestion was truly underway, now helping to cause a pleather of neurological symptoms.

NHS clinicians continually failed to diagnose the growing list of symptoms correctly. The local Oral and Maxillofacial out-patients department being run by junior doctors considered diagnosis to be ‘bruxism’ looking at just a few of the symptoms reported and ignoring the important and majority of symptoms. They clearly never had been trained by their absent senior consultant to look further.

Medical records obtained demonstrated that NHS clinicians tried to make some of the symptoms correlate with diseases they had been trained in, at the exclusion of a number of others that the patient symptoms presented, such as the voltage symptoms. By doing this, they severely misdiagnosed for many years, worsening the disease, the patient becoming seriously poisoned, and even administered powerful, inappropriate drugs.

At no time, did any NHS clinician state that they were not trained to diagnose all the symptoms presented, nor did they refer to senior clinicians or departments, or suggest any blood testing, despite requests made.

Clinicians are taught in medical school about levels of voltage present in humans, yet one clinician claimed that the patient was ‘bonkers’ to even consider that humans have the presence of minor currents.

The exclusion of voltage symptoms as a cause misled other clinicians. 

The voltage symptoms were key to diagnosis, but completely ignored by the NHS. 

A senior toxicity clinician had no training in oral-electro galvanism or chronic dental ingestion and was applying cases of acute (organic methyl mercury) toxicity which he was trained in to a case of chronic dental toxicity without realising there’s a huge difference in the diagnosis and chelation methods required.

One senior NHS toxicity medical professional stated that eating a prawn sandwich the previous week had caused the previous 7 years of chronic toxicity! He later admitted he was not trained in chronic dental ingestion toxicity. 

Matters were taken out of the hands of The National Health Service, NHS.

Private Consultations And Clinics

Consulted with two senior long-standing experienced Oral and Maxillofacial clinicians during private consultations outside of the NHS who were at a loss to explain the voltage but provided helpful resources.

The third senior consultant was also a fully trained dentist and worked in the NHS, admitted within four minutes discussing the case that he felt this was a dental case and had nothing to do with Oral and Maxillofacial. He stated that he was not trained and therefore could not discuss further the case but also explained he had not experienced a patient with high voltage symptoms but provided useful contacts to make urgent appointments.

He confirmed that humans do have minuscule amounts of voltage in the head and neck regions. A referral was made to the NHS dentistry school at Guys Hospital London.

I had waited for 7 years for someone to be honest with me – that no one should have been attemping to diagnose me as they were not legally trained to do so.

Our medical and dental research was suggesting the diagnosis as Oral-Electro galvanism, the reasons for the extraordinary electro currents in the mouth and penetrating throughout the body. This confirmed the difficulties of voltage in the oral cavity which then led to research of the suspected metal poisoning and metal toxicity test were taken at a CQC approved clinic in London.

A visit was made to Guy’s NHS London dental clinicians who were utterly professional with excellent facilities at hand. The dental staff listened to the patient intently, asked very specific, direct questions when the patient described the effects of Oral-Electro galvanism, but where The Dental Association and legal protocol stopped them diagnosing the symptoms. 

This consultation confirmed the patients suspicions of suffering from Oral-Electro galvanism.

Guy’s dental clinicians were aware that private clinical results for toxicity metal blood testing were waited upon. They suggested that nothing should be done with the teeth.

Various private clinic scans and tests had been undertaken including the Environmental 16 Metal Blood Tests and Melisa® Dental Ingestion Tests. Please see Post 9 – Blood Tests, Scans and Other Tests.

The Medical Thermal Diagnostic Imaging scans had been providing a regular, non-evasive charting of blood patterns of the worsening diseases in the head and neck over the 2 year pre-diagnosis period and were continued during diagnosis and post.

Environmental 16 Metals Blood tests provided common metals testing which was suggestive of above public range high levels of metal poisoning and indicative of metals that may be the cause, commonly used in dentistry.

Melisa® dental ingestion blood tests provided dental testing information related to the chronic dental ingestion from the metals that had been used in specific procedure dentistry.

Melisa® Tests suggested extreme high levels of chronic dental ingestion, inorganic mercury, palladium and nickel.

Many years of poisoning could have been avoided, had the NHS clinicians listened to the patient, where they were provided with the exact location and suspicions about the root cause.

Physical Problems Caused

Oral-Electro Galvanism can cause and contribute to eye problems, insomnia, tinnitus, lack of concentration and memory, vertigo, mouth pain, hearing loss, all of which were suffered.

Simple everyday tasks such as brushing one’s teeth would significantly increase the release of the toxins from mercury-filled dental works, as would drinking hot drinks, which elevates the air temperature in the mouth, intensifying mercury release, and of course, helps release further palladium and gold toxins from the crown located on the bottom LR.

  • The galvanic currents in a mixed mouth of metals, far out-power normal physiological current.
  • Treatment is by removing metals from the mouth.
  • NHS Dentists currently are not permitted to recommend patients to have the metal removed from the oral cavity being an elective patient procedure.


High powered devices in today’s modern world are virtually impossible to eliminate.

Both at work or home, the world depends on ever-increasing reliance of electro currents, electro-magnetic and Wi-Fi.

As field strengths increase The World Health Organisation and other global organisations are frequently reviewing the effects of electro fields and public health.

Managing Oral-Electro galvanism means reducing the electro currents, electro-magnetic currents and Wi-Fi directly in front of you, located by you, and around you, to a minimum level, before, during, and after the removal of the toxic mixed metals, from the oral cavity.

Medical papers as far back as 1987 discuss US galvanism patient results; Signs and Symptoms of Mandibular Dysfunction in Patients With Suspected Oral Galvanism.

Dental ingestion levels of a number of mixed metals were found to be extremely high through specialised blood testing, taking time to reduce. The disease had to be carefully researched and an appropriate chelation detoxification programme was undertaken.

2013, Margaret Sears wrote for The Scientific World Journal an interesting paper, an NCBI resource stating

‘Toxic elements, unfortunately, build up over time in soft tissues and bone, and even when the external source is removed the bioaccumulated toxic elements represent an ongoing endogenous source of exposure, and measures to enhance excretion may be helpful.

Overall, during chelation therapy mobilization must equal excretion, so adequate hydration and bowel regularity are essential. A variety of products may assist in interrupting enterohepatic recirculation of toxicants.’

‘Pharmaceutical chelating agents may also be considered, to assist with mobilization and excretion.’

Symptoms were reversed that had been similar to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and MS.

Sadly, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It takes considerable determination to stick to the large lifestyle changes needed.

This website provides explains more about the physical symptoms suffered, information about tests taken, the Holistic dentist who removed mixed metals, and the successful chelation processes being undertaken.

This could have been a different medical outcome if NHS clinicians are trained to recognise the Oral-Electro galvanism symptoms presented and provide support to UK patients who have experienced unknown facial dental accidents.

Keeping a detailed diary has been essential to monitor health improvements, progress of recovery of Oral-Electro galvanism and monitoring the repeated voltage testing of the oral cavity. 

Testing and recording voltage in the mouth was monitored for several years, before – during- after the removal of mixed metal in the mouth. 

Physical signs of improvement are the improved use of computers and electro devices close to the body and being able to travel on public transport without difficulties, visiting large screen projection houses, airports, improved posture, visual appearance of skin, face, hair, nails, mobility, and so forth. 

The website posts explain more about the physical symptoms suffered, the reduced voltage levels recorded and the successful chelation being undertaken. Posts are in numbered ordered charting the pre-diagnosis, the diagnosis and post diagnosis events.

For completeness follow the number posts. Check our timeline for more information.

Take Careful Note 

Oral-Electro galvanism is not to be mixed up with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, EHS. Oral-Electro galvanism is a disease where the voltage source can be measured inside the oral cavity and addressed. EHS is a condition where patients suffer symptoms that they believe electro currents cause when close to them. This is a common mistake that untrained clinicians diagnosing make.

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