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Finding The Diagnosis

About Toxic Health

Reading an online article led to the discovery and root causes of two diseases, and finally diagnosis after being very sick and tired for 7 years.

Health had deteriorated quickly since a small surgical NHS operation. Symptoms presented were similar to Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, and others, constantly on the move around the body, 24/7, causing great pain and distress.

The diagnosis

‘Toxicity, ingested elemental dental metal vapour, palladium and nickel, likely to have been caused by an unknown accidental knock to the face, where the action of Oral-Electro galvanism additionally sped up the ingested elemental ingested inorganic mercury toxicity, palladium, nickel and other lesser associated dental metals.’

Elemental / Inorganic Mercury – Palladium – Nickel Poisoning

This website highlights the problems when the UK public experience unknown accidents to the face, with a mouth of mixed dentistry metals, including mercury amalgam fillings, where UK NHS clinicians are currently not trained to recognise dental toxicity and the Oral-Electro galvanism symptoms that helped not only to speed up the toxicity but increase the poisonous ingestion levels.

This website explains

  • how the diagnosis was discovered
  • information about the diseases suffered
  • successful ongoing detoxification called chelation

It is with great thanks to the journalist who posted a long and informative article covering mercury toxicity and the reason why this website has been constructed as there had been little information provided by the NHS, even less information about diagnosis and how to chelate the disease successfully, and none documented by a UK patient.

It is hoped that it may be helpful, especially to anyone suffering similar symptoms and who may be considering taking a toxicity blood test.

The medical treatment for chronic dental ingestion is not included the medical pharmacopoeia – a book containing the identification of compound medicines published by The British Government / The British Dental Association.

Louisa Williams / Radical Medicine

This website is not dealing with the politics surrounding the use of mercury in dentistry, although the global Mimosa Treaty hopes to eradicate its use by 2030, demonstrating clearly it shouldn’t have ever been used in humans in the first place.

This website offers step-by-step information about how ingested elemental mercury and other dangerous metals were finally diagnosed as the root cause of symptoms, and the step-by-step chelation programme put in place, is still ongoing and successful after six years. 

  • The National Health Service, (NHS), currently does not provide chronic dental ingestion blood testing. The NHS offers a very limited, metal blood toxicity testing service.
  • Private blood testing is available, more sophisticated and specialised, normally by referral if the NHS clinician or GP ever considers a patient may have signs of toxicity. The patient may have to propose the clinic and the test required when seeking a private referral from the GP.
  • If the patient undertakes private testing, their NHS Clinician or GP may not understand or rely upon the test results provided. They may try to dismiss the tests.
  • Private clinical referrals can be obtained from registered doctors, if your GP refuses, therefore it’s not in the GP’s interest to refuse a private blood test referral that might shed some light on suffering long-term symptoms that they have been unable to diagnose.

The NHS increasingly directs patients to a website called Medichecks where the patient pays for blood tests offered, finger prick home tests, or where patients can visit their local hospital. The tests are for more popular diseases. GPs still offer routine testing, but the list and frequency are being constantly reduced.

This website explains how chronic elemental/inorganic mercury rests not just in organs but has time to explore most bones in your body, resting in the bones, which is extremely hard to chelate from the body, remove the mercury from the bones, if one ever manages to do so fully.

After six years of dedicated chelation, (the process to remove the toxins), there are signs of improvements, particularly where organs are functioning better, however, there is no scientific way to measure the amount that had years to be stored in the bones before diagnosis and chelation began.


Recovery can be a ‘roller coaster.’

If the patient had not taken matters into their own hands, seeking private health care, the alternative would have been left misdiagnosed, with a failing quality of life and ultimately a painful death.

It is suggested that it may take 20 years or more, if ever, to become ‘mercury free’ and for some patients, never.

It has to be emphasised that these events may never have occurred if the NHS surgical team had exercised the Statutory patient consent, safety, and clinical care expected, required by law.

If this website may help one person to find their root cause and put symptoms effectively “on hold” then it has been worthwhile posting this information.

How this website works

Pages include an overview –

The home page – numerous individually numbered posts covering information about how the poisoning was caused, the symptoms, the tests and scans, dentists, and chelation. Advisable to read in numerical order.

About is the page you are reading.

Finding the Root Causes is about finding the secondary diagnosis of Oral-Electro Galvanism which helped to speed up elemental /inorganic mercury, palladium and nickel, and other metals dental toxicity.

Dental Poisoning – is a brief overview of those 4 destructive and toxic metals in the mouth – elemental/inorganic mercury – nickel – palladium – gold.

The Home page posts are divided into sections

Finding the diagnosis

  • Media – Posts 1, 11, 20
  • The NHS – Post 2
  • The Symptoms – Posts 3-6
  • Medical Complaints – Post

The diagnosis

  • Finding The Diagnosis – Posts 8-12


  • About Chelation – Posts 13-18
  • Oral-Electro galvanism – Post 19
  • Post-Diagnosis Years – Posts 21-24


As UK British Dentistry and General Medicine have no detoxification protocol in place for unknown accidental chronic dental ingestion, much research into the cause of symptoms had to be undertaken online by both private clinicians and the patient.

Whilst still detoxing and likely to for many years to come, if indeed, mercury is ever removed entirely from the body, medical websites were found to be helpful but provided very simplistic and general ‘mercury’ overview information.

The research was extremely time-consuming, taking several years to get to the root cause, and sometimes reading websites provided conflicting information.

Some commercial medical websites were very general where they provided information about mercury but failed to classify the mercury derivative being discussed – whether journalists were writing about elemental, inorganic, organic, elemental and methyl, for example, and whether journalists were offering information about chronic or acute symptoms.

These websites also failed to provide information about the different chelating procedures that are needed when the patient has acute toxicity and chronic poisoning. So whilst helpful, these websites must be read with caution and provide a general overview of mercury toxicity.

Some of the better helpful general medical websites were noted as –

drjockers.comlivestrong.commercola.com, mercurytalk.comwebmd.com, healthline.comdraxe.com

Thanks to national UK press articles, The US NCBI, The IAOMT, YouTube videos, medical references, and clinical and regulatory organisations posting information in the public domain. A longer list is available from the archive page.


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