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The Toxicity Timeline – Post 21

Toxic Health shares information written by the patient about the disease and the medical treatment for their diagnosis ‘Severe chronic dental ingestion including elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium, and nickel toxicity.

After several years of misdiagnosis and no diagnosis, it was discovered by the patient that there was no satisfactory route for diagnosis offered by the NHS.

According to one senior NHS consultant, who commented during a private consultancy ‘there may be many UK patients being left misdiagnosed or undiagnosed without realising the root cause of their medical complaints.’

Much of the problem lies with the way the NHS is still set up in their post-war format of numerous ‘departments.’ Mercury doesn’t ‘departmentalise’ with scores and scores of symptoms from head to toe, 24/7.

This immediately provides the patient with problems for a correct diagnosis when engaging with the NHS currently, (2022), as a patient would need to engage with ten or more different departments, let alone ten departments engaging together to establish the root cause.

The British Dental Association has further alleged that Oral-Electro galvanism “doesn’t exist” but fails to qualify their statement. This is a highly misleading statement as the disease was discovered more than 150 years ago and where it does exist! Reports of dental galvanism were published in the medical profession’s The Lancet, journal, dating as far back as, 16 October 1858, with silver amalgam being discovered and used in dentistry from 1836.

What the Association appears to mean is that the disease doesn’t exist because they train UK dentists not to cause it. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Oral-Electro galvanism doesn’t exist. The disease has been referred to by scores of dental and medical organisations for more than a century and with the worldwide banning of the dangerous metal, The Minamata Treaty 2013, coming into full force, in 2030, more and more dental outlets are openly discussing the problems of galvanism online and in medical papers, especially where they see the problems of mixed metals notoriously being used during 1990s dentistry.

However, this has not helped patients who have been greatly let down by the NHS, left undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years, leading to severe toxicity and where patients cannot operate safely in everyday life.

However, this has not helped patients who have been greatly let down by the NHS, left undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years, leading to severe toxicity and where patients cannot operate safely in everyday life.

Once 2030 arrives, the banned use of dental mercury, are we likely to see NHS general medicine clinicians being trained in dental toxicity?

The ‘departmentalised’ NHS clinicians have failed to grasp the many symptoms that toxicity presents, its head to toe activity in the body, just diagnosing limited, and often, more common symptoms presented, which consultants and clinicians recognise in their specialist health departments, whilst dismissing those symptoms they do not recognise, often failing to detail this important information in their patient medical records treating it as ‘irrelevant.’

This is where so many patients have their toxicity dismissed. The inability of the NHS post-war format of ‘departments’ to be able to join up the whole body’s health.

Junior doctors running out-patient departments, fail to refer the patient to much more senior specialists, fearing they may be seen as incompetent by their seniors can be part of the growing problem, particularly failing to diagnose outpatient appointments, likewise rushing to diagnose on just one or two symptoms presented that they recognise whilst dismissing a string of others.

There appears to be a complete reluctance on the part of NHS clinicians to ‘come clean’ with patients and admit they simply do not know the symptoms being presented. This NHS medical attitude towards the patient has greatly hampered the toxic patient for years when attending a notoriously poor-performing NHS hospital.

‘Toxic Health’ Timeline is the sequel of the diagnosis by the patient experience.

  • 2009 PRE-DIAGNOSIS New symptoms commenced days after an unconsented planned daycare surgical procedure under general anaesthesia undertaken in an NHS hospital performed by an NHS paid Consultant.


  • 2013 5 years and the NHS failed to diagnose and misdiagnose the growing list of the patients’ life-threatening new presented symptoms.

    2014 DATA PROTECTION The medical patient’s file was found to have been repeatably tampered, with, scans, tests, and symptoms not disclosed, falsified, whilst the patient’s health declined quickly. Matters were taken out of the hands of the NHS service.

    READ MORE POSTS – which includes detailed lists about the patient’s many symptoms – posts 3, 4, and 5.

  • 2013 VISIBLE ECZEMA The first signs of toxicity.

    2015 VISIBLE ELEMENTAL/INORGANIC ECZEMA Worsening eczema provided suggestive evidence of mercury toxicity

    2016 BLOOD TESTS suggested high levels of dental toxicity including mercury over the public range

    DIAGNOSIS. Private consultations, tests, and scans provided a diagnosis. Severe chronic dental ingestion toxicity sped up by the process of Oral-Electro galvanism, suggestive caused by a knock to the oral cavity during the unconsented NHS medical procedure 2009.

    READ MORE about how the diseases were diagnosed INFORMATION POSTS 8 – 12

  • 2016 CHELATION for severe levels of ingested dental mercury, palladium, and nickel toxicity started immediately.

    2016 TESTS Ongoing specialised dental tests provided more sophisticated testing. The diagnosis of elemental/inorganic mercury toxicity, nickel, and palladium recorded all above public ranges. Chelation is now more refined. Posts 8-10

    2016 REMOVAL OF DENTAL MATERIAL FROM THE MOUTH under hollistic guidelines to help prevent further toxicity. Post 10.

    2017 ORAL-ELECTRO GALVANISM reducing to lower levels of voltage recordings from the oral cavity. Post 10 and 19

    2018 CHELATION continues with Chloralla + Corriander process. Post 14.

    2020 BONE HEALTH Significant improvements in organs. Unknown the amount of toxicity resting in the bones and long term damage caused.

    CHELATION Posts 12-20

  • 2018-2022 POST DIAGNOSIS Information detailed, and shared now at http://www.toxichealth.co.uk with regular health updates posted.

    READ MORE. INFORMATION POSTS 21 -24 About the differences between elemental, methyl, inorganic and organic mercury, chronic/acute diagnosis, and Covid-19 restraints.


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