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How Supplements Are Important When Chelating – Post 18

There’s a lot of talk in the UK press currently by NHS clinicians alleging that supplements being consumed by the UK public for a range of symptoms are not effective.

There is no recognised detox programme for chronic dental ingestion additionally sped up tenfold by Oral-Electro galvanism suggested by British Dentistry and General Medicine so it would be unwise for those clinicians to offer any advice or diagnosis including information about the quality of supplements to patients diagnosed with severe chronic dental ingestion.

It has to be noted

Margaret Sears wrote for The Scientific World Journal, 2013, an interesting paper, an NCBI resource where she is concluding matters about chelation ~

“Overall, during chelation therapy mobilization must equal excretion, so adequate hydration and bowel regularity are essential. A variety of products may assist in interrupting enterohepatic recirculation of toxicants.

Pharmaceutical chelating agents may also be considered, to assist with mobilization and excretion.”

“Chelating agents will mobilize the most readily available metals first. Oral supplementation including additional minerals and vitamins are essential to aid recovery”.

Being diagnosed with chronic elemental (that becomes inorganic) mercury poisoning sped up by Oral-Electro galvanism, required chelation which is a method of removing certain heavy metals from the blood stream, used especially in treating lead or mercury. I was noted as having extremely high levels of elemental/inorganic mercury, palladium and nickel toxicity as well as other lesser metals.

During the chelation, food consumption was maximised to provide best nutritional values but additional heavier use of supplements were, and still are, needed to support the body particularly after the end of the dental treatment removing mixed metals from the mouth (which included amalgams which were severely leeching elemental mercury into the body).

Colder UK months require more supplements to be added to the diet.

Lots of walking and periods of rest were taken daily, essential to try and keep fit even with severe aching joints.

Mineral Interaction 

It has been known for many years that there are experienced therapists who have had patient successes using a range of methods to remove toxins, partly with the help of supplements, by mineral antagonism.

The Mineral Relationship Wheel

The Mineral Relationship Wheel, a visual tool, was developed by Ken Eck of Analytical Research Labs, Pheonix Arizona providing insight into how minerals interact with other minerals in the body.

For example, Maganese (Mn) which is known to work in tandem with mercury depletes Magnesium (Mg), Iodine (I) and Fluorine (F). There is mutual antagonism with Selenium (Se).

The Wheel was particularly of interest because mercury and nickel mineral relationships were followed and where certain foods were removed from the diet, being replaced by other “better” foods which would have a “boost” effect of the minerals being depleted by mercury, and a “knock-on” deprivation effect to others, to aid faster recovery. It was painstaking work measuring and analysing every type of food in the diet in this way before purchasing the foods and consumption, but consider it helped enormously to speed up the chelation process during the first 2-3 years.

The mineral relationship wheel was highlighted in Louisa Williams book ‘Radical Medicine’ being a most helpful book to aid recovery.

During the first two years, supplements were taken more heavily, to support the diet, for boosting vitamins, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and selenium, using the mid-priced, quality brand, Solgar.

Vitamin C is important and additionally, Sambucol black elderberry liquid was purchased to help the immune system ‘tackle’ mercury. This was consumed periodically over the first 3 years of chelation and then when it was felt the body needed boosting, sometimes during the winter months along with Solgar Vitamin D, and when taking chlorella + corriander. Read more about this incredible algae and herb combination in post 14.

Balancing food minerals correctly was sometimes tricky but supplements were, and still are, most definitely needed due to the debilitating effects of elemental / inorganic mercury now ‘resting in the bones’ throughout the body.

There really isn’t any scientific way to measure the amount of mercury deposited in the bones currently.

Tests of the blood, urine, and hair for mercury are available but do not relate well to the actual amount left deposited in the body. The Quicksilver “Tri-test” results were no better than the Biolab 16 metals Blood and Urine Tests taken other than providing alarming evidence of how much toxicity is flowing through the blood stream and the small amounts being excreted daily.

Overall, during chelation therapy mobilization must equal excretion,

To achieve chelation therapy mobilization to equal excretion is hard to achieve in chronic cases, particularly after 3 or more years chelating, when mercury has had a head start with more than 7 years to rest in the bones, however, is important in acute cases to achieve immediately and why acute and chronic cases differ.

Melissa dental ingestion tests provided clearer, more detailed evidence of the levels associated with inorganic mercury, palladium and nickel and other dentistry related metals evident in the blood stream.

Much of the chelation success has been ‘getting to know your body signals’ and adjust supplement levels accordingly.

This information is a successful detoxification programme used by the patient. No two patients suffering from chronic dental ingestion poisoning will require identical detoxification.

By the start of year 4 of chelation, 1-2 magnesium supplements were taken daily of the 4 allowed daily by the supplier, along with a weekly magnesium infused bath, the extra magnesium is effectively obtained by bathing in Epsom Salts. At the very start of chelation, baths were being taken daily, for example, soaking for at least 30 minutes allowing the magnesium to soak into the whole body. It was an extremely effective way of balancing and correcting a low magnesium level.

It is well known that the UK population is severely mineral depleted, especially magnesium.  Read > Ancient Minerals.

During the fourth year of chelation, the amount of support supplements were considerably reduced. Zinc was obtained by eating those foods rich in zinc, such as organic red meat, Vitamin C by eating an organic orange daily, being an estimated 60-70% of the vitamin C required daily, Calcium from plenty of organic milk, cheese and other dairy foods, Selenium from organic brazil nuts consumed daily, a large nut being and estimated 100% of the daily requirement of selenium needed in the body, Sulphur and Iodine from plenty of organic free-range eggs, at least 12 being eaten during a week, and so forth.

Now in the fifth year of chelation, fresh organic food is still prepared daily making up approximately 50% – 60% raw diet, notably more during summer months. Cooking only involves steaming, lightly boiled or saute processes. No microwave cooking, baking, roasting, grilling or other methods used and Gluthione and Oxlate diets are still followed as in previous years.

Supplements taken are magnesium, 1 tablet most, but not all, days (of the recommended 4 by the supplier).

The start of using chlorella and a coriander often sees an area of intense pain suddenly improve within hours of ingesting the algae.

It has been noted that Vitamin C (2or 3 oranges) help when suffering from extreme debilitating pressure headaches along with taking selenium (one or two brazil nuts). These are powerful minerals in chelating, the area of pain reducing quickly and moving on.

Read more information regarding organic foods consumed to balance minerals. Post 17.

Posts are in numbered order for completeness. You may like to read the next post 19 which provides evidence of using everyday equipment as improvements of health.

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19. Oral-Electro Galvanism Symptoms

19. How Oral-Electro galvanism effects the human, symptoms caused, including use of physical everyday electro items such as laptops and mobile phones. What NHS clinicians should have done. Read more toxichealth.co.uk

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